MLS Compliance

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Verifying Data

Don’t forget! Listing agents are responsible to verify data entered into the listing, including school zones and HOA information. While it is understood that buyers need to verify anything that is important to them, providing complete and accurate data is a basic tenant of the MLS listing requirements.

An effective way to verify data is to take the time to contact the appropriate school district, HOA, or other organization relevant to the information with which you’re working. This type of information can change and vary even within the same subdivision, so the only way to know is to do this legwork and verify. thanks our subscribers for making our market work by ensuring reliable data is entered into their MLS. Don’t hesitate to contact support with questions!

Coming Soon Status​

A Coming Soon status is a temporary status and is limited to 5 Calendar days.

  • An executed MLS listing agreement is on file. (Upload the completed addendum as an associated document.)
  • Seller requests and authorizes Broker to utilize the “Coming Soon” status in the MLS system while the Property is being prepared for sale and marketing.
  • Seller understands that the Property will be entered into the MLS in Coming Soon status and in accordance with the MLS rules.
  • If seller elects not to sign the Coming Soon addendum, then no Coming Soon sign, rider or advertising on the property, representing Coming Soon, or any variation thereof, can take place until the home is Active in the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Seller understands that a property in Coming Soon status is not eligible to be shown by any licensee, (including the listing agent, or a buyer’s agent) until the listing status is changed to “Active” in the MLS. A $1000 fine will be charged to the listing and buyer’s agent if the home is shown prior to being made active
  • The “Coming Soon” status is a temporary status and requires an “Expected On-Market Date” no more than 6 days in the future which will be shown on all displays of the listing by the MLS. If the listing is not changed to an Active status prior to reaching this date, it will automatically roll to an Active status on the morning of your Expected On-Market date OR the 6th day it has been in the MLS, whichever is sooner. (Day 1 is the ENTRY DATE regardless of time.)
  • The “Expected On-Market Date” of a listing in Coming Soon status will be published on all subscriber and agent displays of MLS data by MLS (e.g., listing reports,, etc.).
  • If the property is ready and available prior to the expected on-market date, the status of the listing can be updated to “Active” in the MLS.
  • Coming Soon listings do not calculate Days on Market (DOM) while in this status. Once the status is Active, DOM count will begin.
  • The Coming Soon listing must contain a minimum of one photo upon submission and must be a CURRENT front exterior photo or rendering, aerial photo, or water view of the property before a listing will be active. Front exterior photos must show a majority of the total home/building and the broker’s yard signage may not be visible in the photo/image.

A listing broker may not re-list a property in COMING SOON status unless:

  • The listing has been in EXPIRED or CANCELLED status for over 60 days, or
  • The property is listed with a new brokerage firm, or
  • The property has been sold or rented.
  • Note: Listings may not be transferred from any other status, to COMING SOON

MARKETING: Coming Soon listings can be promoted (as coming soon) on MLS Public Website only. Agents may also display a yard sign and may advertise coming soon listings on social media once the property is listed in the MLS. Coming soon listings will be excluded from distribution to third-party sites.

SHOWINGS: No showings are allowed during the time the property is listed in Coming Soon Status. A penalty will be assessed to the Listing and Buyers Agent for any showings that occur during the time in this status.

DOCUMENTATION: The COMING SOON ADDENDUM MUST be attached to the listing (or otherwise provided to within 3 working days of a entering the property into the MLS.

Temporarily Off Market (TOM)

A current listing contract exists between a property owner and a broker. This status is to be used when the property cannot be shown. Property can remain in this status for up to 30 days maximum. TOM will not appear on the Hot sheet.       

NOTE:  If the listing remains in this status for the full 30 days allowable, the system will maintain the listing to Active automatically. Re-entering TOM after using this status for 30 days would result in a violation.                                   

MARKETING: Temporary Off Market suspends the marketing of the property. The marketing prohibition applies to ALL promotion of the property during the period in TOM status. If a property continues to be advertised, the TOM status may not be applied to the listing.       

NOTE: This includes removing the For Sale sign.  

SHOWINGS: No showings are allowed while in TOM status. If a showing is scheduled, the TOM status may not be applied to the listing.

DOCUMENTATION: The SELLER is the only individual that can initiate a listing being classified as TOM. As such, any TOM listing will require certification, signed by the seller, indicating their initiation of the TOM status which must accompany any TOM listing in the MLS. 

Please be sure to use the most up-to-date version of the listing change notice and attach it to the listing as an associated document.

Listing Documents

An important reminder regarding association documents and MLS addendums:

ValleyMLS policies require subscribers to upload and attach certain documents/addendums to listings in the MLS.

Today’s technology has afforded us many opportunities to streamline our work efforts. This measure allows other agents to view disclosures easily, while viewing a listing, rather than needing to call the office to obtain these documents.

Click here to access our tip sheet on how to upload documents to your listings.

All required documents and/or addendums must be uploaded to listings in the MLS at the time of submission. If required documents are not uploaded, an automated fine would apply.  Please contact MLS Staff with any questions or concerns.


Updated Forms

Did you know ValleyMLS updates documents and forms to be in line with rule changes and revisions?

If you are using an outdated form, you may inadvertently find yourself out of compliance. It’s very common for agents to download a form and just continue to use it even after a newer version is available. It also happens when templated loops created by agents or their office are used and not refreshed when newer versions of the documents become available. To be certain you have the most up-to-date version of a form or document, please be sure to access MLS Documents through Paragon or the Dotloop template folders provided by ValleyMLS.

If you have any questions about forms or compliance in general, contact the MLS department at or by calling the main line and asking for MLS.

MLS Tips

With the update of The Customer Full and Customer Full w/ Contact, subscribers must update their system preferences inside of Paragon.

Go to Preferences > System > Result Options, and then scroll to “Manual Email.” You can choose which report view you would like to be emailed out by making a selection here. Leaving this blank will cause errors.

Contact the MLS Department with questions!