Immediate Fine List

Many Category 1 violations are immediate penalties per 'Rules and Regulations' because removing the prohibited verbiage or media does not “undo” that violation.

The listings must be corrected, but penalties will still be invoiced. So please keep a list of the violations handy when you are adding new listings to be published in the MLS.


Full terms of sale not specified: Listings may contain no reference or indication the owner will accept less than the full list price. Phrases such as motivated seller, at full price, must sell fast, etc. are strictly prohibited.
Failing to meet the minimum photo requirement: A MINIMUM of one CURRENT front exterior photo or rendering, aerial photo, or water view of the property must be uploaded before a listing is made Active or Coming Soon. COPYING/USING PHOTOS OF ANOTHER SUBSCRIBER IS PROHIBITED.
Promo Info in Public Fields, Photos, or Virtual Tours: No promotional or contact information and no logos, branding, or signage may appear in any public field in the MLS. This includes Public Remarks, listing photos, virtual tours, and media links.

Some Category 1 violations are treated as immediate because they can not be corrected by the agent:

Active not showable: Listing a property as Active before showings are available. Listings must be available for showing immediately upon submitting as active listing and no remarks indicating a future date to begin showings is permissible. Typically, these are only caught because agents who wish to show have not been able to, so
Failure to report sold data accurately and within 3 business days: A self-reported correction of this violation will never receive a penalty. However, if staff must find and make this correction, there will be a fine assessed. Any listing that is CANCELLED to avoid reporting sold data will immediately incur a penalty upon verification of the sale.

All Category 2 and 3 violations are immediately finable. Things like sharing MLS login credentials or misuse of data appear in this list, but some important penalties to note are:

Clear Cooperation Violation: Any listing not entered into the MLS within 1 business day of public marketing will incur an immediate $1,000 penalty.
Showing in Coming Soon or TOM: Showings are not permitted in these statuses. The fine for this violation is an immediate $1,000.
Marketing in TOM: Any marketing of a listing that is Temporarily Off-Market will incur an immediate $1,000 penalty.

For a more complete look at the listing Rules and Regulations and the ValleyMLS Penalty Policy, please access those respective documents.

You can also email with any questions you have regarding MLS compliance.