Voices of Fair Housing

Each April for Fair Housing month – and throughout the year – HAAR is committed to not only offering opportunities for our members to become better experts on equity and inclusion, but we also promote the Realtor brand to the region as defenders of Fair Housing.
This April, we brought you the perspective of Realtors and other Fair Housing leaders in our community on how we can be better defenders of Fair Housing. Please see below for a roundup of the full month of “Voices of Fair Housing”.
Every moment REALTORS® and those who support the real estate market spend on being better stewards of Fair Housing is a moment our clients and community are better served. Thank you to our members for their relentless dedication to the equity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination.

Voices of Fair Housing: Chris Hulser, HAAR President

Voices of Fair Housing: Alana Beaugez

Voices of Fair Housing: Antonio McGinnis

Voices of Fair Housing: Natsuki Tani

Voices of Fair Housing: Pamela Bass