Welcome to Fair Housing Month

For Fair Housing Month, HAAR will be profiling local REALTORS® and leaders in the industry on their FH Story. We’re starting off strong with HAAR President, Chris Hulser, who has been in the industry for over 15 years. We asked Chris what Fair Housing means to him, and to share a personal story he has experienced. To Chris, Fair Housing represents someone who is financially able to buy or sell a home, and is able to do so without the fear of being discriminated against for any reason. If you qualify for a loan, or have the cash and income, you should be legally able to buy or sell a home
Early in Chris’s career, he worked with a first-time home buyer who was a foreign national. The person reached out to Chris seeking rental options, for fear they would be discriminated against if they showed interest in buying, because of their nationality. Chris was able to show the buyer the options available for them, connected them with a local lender, and successfully counseled them through the loan-approval process. A short time later, the person closed on a home in the area!
Recently, the person re-connected Chris to share they were becoming U.S. citizens; they wanted to thank Chris for seeing past the way they looked and the language barriers. Because Chris consulted the person in a non-discriminatory way; adhering to Fair Housing rules, they have become loyal clients!
Chris shared how important it is to stay updated on laws in order to protect your clients and Fair Housing regulations. Chris recommends to all REALTORS® and folks in the industry to take CE classes and keep up with legislative news on Fair Housing at the local and national level. You can catch up with Chris on all things Fair Housing at HAAR at one of the two Fair Housing classes we are offering this month!