Voices of Fair Housing: Natsuki Tani

For #FairHousingMonth, HAAR will be profiling local REALTORS® and leaders in the industry on their FH Story.
This week we are featuring Natsuki Tani, local REALTOR® and HAAR member. When asked what Fair Housing means to her, Tani said, “Fair Housing means that everyone has a FAIR opportunity to purchase a home and not be discriminated against in anyway.”
Tani is a first generation American whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Japan.
“We have dealt with our fair share of racism, so anytime I work with families of different ethnicities, religions, or backgrounds, I make sure they never question whether they are treated properly or not.” said Tani.
Tani believes raising awareness of different cultures, religions, and backgrounds through festivals and event would be a great addition to the strides already being made to promote the rules of Fair Housing.
She encourages our community to increase volunteer events for citizens that benefit different charity groups representing people with disabilities and more to better protect our laws on Fair Housing.