2021 Annual Report

Be Intentional: A Note from 2021 HAAR President, Zelda Friedman

Serving as the 2021 President of the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS has been one of the largest honors in my life.
While many of us outwardly set our expectations for 2021 to return to a semblance of normalcy we had before COVID-19, we all knew there would be uncertainty ahead. This year, however, one thing was certain: REALTORS and our Affiliate partners are stronger and more tenacious than anything a global pandemic can throw at us.
HAAR’s 2021 theme was “Be Intentional”, something I consider to be the “real deal” and an edict I live by each and every day. I believe it is critical to be intentional in every major decision we make; to be clear upfront about what we want to achieve and how we will do so. That’s what guides me this year and beyond.
No association President does it all by herself. I am eternally thankful for our Leadership Team and Board of Directors, our CEO Josh McFall and staff, who built on previous years of cooperation to get things done in pragmatic and practical ways.
President-elect Isaac Winkles took strides to develop our Local Political Coordinator program in its first year all while training to take over the Presidency next year. Vice President Chris Hulser oversaw what has been the largest year in education development I have seen at HAAR. Treasurer Tamara Fox dug deep into financials to ensure members receive the biggest bang for their buck. And, of course, my predecessor and MLS Chair Sha Jarboe navigated us through a year full of policy changes and challenges, while keeping members and subscribers at the forefront. On top of this, our Board of Directors served with integrity and distinction throughout the year, handling the type of difficult decisions that come with the job.
I encourage you to get involved with HAAR and ValleyMLS.com. Volunteer for committees, workgroups, events, leadership opportunities and lots of ways to get involved. Fill out the engagement profile. I will still be active in serving in 2022 as ValleyMLS.com Chair, an AAR Director, and on the NAR REALTOR Safety Committee.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve and the trust you put in me and our 2021 team this year. I wish you and yours a prosperous holiday season and successful 2022. I look forward to working with you to achieve even more success for our clients, our businesses, and our community in the years to come, because That’s Who We ‘R’.

COMPLETING THE STRATEGIC PLAN. In 2019, HAAR introduced our Strategic Plan and Five Guiding Principles for 2019-2021. This year, the association continued to build on the foundation we created last year, letting those principles guide our mission to inform, influence and empower a thriving real estate market by focusing on education, advocacy and connections. 

In the years to follow, HAAR will continue to work with the best and brightest in association development to ensure we don’t miss a step in enhancing membership services and helping you to build your business.

January: A New Normal, Installation, and an Unfazed Market

STAT ME UP. As COVID-19 safety precautions continued into the new year of 2021, the local real estate market continue to build as REALTORS worked overtime to ensure their clients were served safely without a beat.

HAAR member professionalism and dedication to their industry was reflected time and again throughout the year as we released monthly stats to membership, local news media, community stakeholders and the general public.

While inventory remained an challenge – one that REALTORS would see through the year – a spirit of cooperation continued to ensure the Madison County real estate market remained active for existing residents, new neighbors, and our local economy.

🎓 Education Spotlight: Innovative Classes

From the return of the opportunity for members to earn their Right Start Certification to cutting-edge classes led by HAAR’s knowledgeable Affiliate Members, classes were constantly being developed in 2021 to fit REALTOR needs – something HAAR pledges to continue in 2022 and beyond, along with literally endless ways to earn Code of Ethics.

In 2021, HAAR offered unique courses from instructor Trista Curzydlo like “Put an Attorney Out of Business”, and the Real Estate Negotiation Expert certification from Monica Neubauer at at 80% discount!

2021 GALA: INSTALLING RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP, READY FOR CHALLENGES. In January, we inducted 2021 Officers and Director in a scaled-down ceremony to observe safety precautions. 2021 Leadership knew they were taking on an uncertain landscape, as pandemic measures never showed signs of staying or disappearing permanently.

Rolling with the punches, our 2021 Leadership Team led our HAAR, ValleyMLS.com, and the North Alabama real estate industry through a year of changes without sacrificing success for members or clients.

Because of the pandemic, the Gala was split into two parts: a January Installation and the “REALTOR Roundup” in June. Take a look at the video above for a full recap of the event!

LEADERSHIP TEAM. HAAR officers took a hands-on approach to navigating members through a constantly-changing landscape and new policies created from NAR and governmental institutions alike. Meeting weekly, the Leadership Team ensured they and HAAR staff remained prepared and nimble to take on new challenges, no matter how short the timeline was presented in front of us.

Zelda Friedman, President
Isaac Winkles, President-elect
Chris Hulser, Vice President
Tamara Fox, Treasurer
Sha Jarboe, ValleyMLS.com Chair

BOARD OF DIRECTORS. To our 2021 HAAR and ValleyMLS.com Boards of Directors, thank you for your thoughtful approach to managing the association, MLS, and staff, and for your tireless dedication to the success of our communities and real estate market for years to come.

Heather Batchelor
Joanie Blackwell
Melanie Brooks
Loraine Cordule
Lore Hislop
David Howard
Craig Lamar
Kim Leach
Clif Miller
Regina Mitchell
Whitney Stringer
Rod Schumann

February: Member Milestones, Advocacy, Expert Partnerships, Motivating the Next Generation of Leadership

Richard Van Valkenburgh

THE LARGEST INVESTORS IN OUR INDUSTRY. NAR and HAAR recognized two members, Richard Van Valkenburgh and Landa Pennington for reaching major RPAC Milestones of $50,000 and $25,000 in lifetime investments, respectivelyRichard and Landa joined the ranks in the RPAC Hall of Fame, along with existing honoree Ginny Brandau. Thank you to Landa, Richard, and of course Ginny for their tireless efforts to keep REALTOR issues atop the priority list in Madison County, Montgomery, and Washington, D.C.

Landa Pennignton

TACKLING THE CHALLENGES IN FRONT OF US. 2021 was a year focused on the major challenging of housing inventory. HAAR and its REALTOR members are defenders of homeownership and private property rights, and this year was one of partnership and action in taking on the challenges of availability, attainability, and affordability in every price point in the Madison County housing market.

When HAAR and REALTOR members aren’t on the front lines of the issue, we’re supporting our partners in this battle in ways like hosting a joint work session between local government and Huntsville City Schools.

PROTECTING RENTERS AND LANDLORDS. In another monster advocacy win for Alabama’s tenants and housing providers, the Alabama Legislature passed in February house bill (HB) 231 appropriating more than $263 million in rental assistance funds.

The federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program became law in late 2020, with a set aside of $25 billion for tenants and housing providers. Alabama REALTORS® and local REALTOR® associations worked with the Governor’s Office and eligible local governments respectively to encourage participation in the program. These efforts resulted in Alabama receiving over $326 million to cover rent and utilities for those Alabamians affected by COVID-19.

BUILDING A BENCH OF LEADERSHIP. This year, HAAR launched its Leadership Development Reimbursement Program, aimed at providing ssistance to qualified REALTOR® applicants to further their leadership potential, which would accelerate them in their growth into a leadership role at the association.

CONNECTING THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST EXPERTS TO MEMBERS. HAAR’s initial membership meeting featured National Association of REALTORS Vice President of Demographics and Behavorial Insights, Dr. Jessica Lautz. Lautz provided a detailed outlook on how the pandemic has changed the behavior of Americans at every stage of their homebuying and selling “careers”.

SUPPORTING VETERANS IN NEW WAYS. In 2021, HAAR and ValleyMLS.com began a partnership with the U.S. Army Morale, Wellness, and Recreation (MWR) Tees4Troops program, which provides REALTORS with cards worth free rounds of golf at the Redstone Arsenal golf course. Each card is estimated to generate at least $20 for the MWR program, which includes services for veterans like suicide prevention and counseling. HAAR and ValleyMLS.com will continue this partnership in 2022. These cards are for everyone, so don’t forget to ask for as many as you need next time you visit the office!

MORE ACCOLADES FOR VALLEYMLS.COM. Early in 2021, ValleyMLS.com received recognition by Constellation1 for its forward thinking nearly a decade ago to anticipate market and technological changes and how they can help support Valley’s mission to boost client and agent success, while serving as a business generation tool for brokers and their companies. Check out the full article below.

March: Doubling-Down on Attainability and Fair Housing

STRENGTHENING THE COMMUNITY & YOUR BUSINESS AT THE SAME TIME. One of the largest myths that must be debunked in the conversation on Attainability and Affordability is that it can be “bad for business”. In March, HAAR partnered with the Huntsville Housing Authority to provide a presentation on how we can all work together to boost REALTOR and housing provider businesses and strengthen the community at the same time.
Thank you to Antonio McGinnis and the entire time at the Huntsville Housing Authority for their partnership at this critical time.

FAIR HOUSING STARTS HERE. In March, HAAR President Zelda Friedman issued a challenge to membership, mirroring NAR President Charlie Oppler’s directive earlier in the year, to complete three major objectives related to boosting REALTOR Fair Housing bona fides:

Dozens of members stepped up to the challenge, not only showing NAR and our community REALTOR commitment to Fair Housing, but also adding a new certification to their arsenal, demonstrating to their clients the professional they’re getting when they hire a REALTOR.

THAT’S WHO WE R. The National Association of REALTORS in 2021 continued to develop its most successful and effective REALTOR marketing campaign, That’s Who We R. As NAR invested heavily once again in the REALTOR brand including at the Summer Olympics, reminding consumers across the nation the critical importance of hiring and trusting a REALTOR with one’s largest investment, assets were provided to members to get the word out in their own community and among their own client base. Just a few of those assets are below.

FOCUSING ON SAFETY ALL YEAR. While REALTOR Safety Month is observed every September, HAAR shared Safety Tips from the REALTOR Safety Program regularly throughout the year. From password protection and traditional tips to important safeguards that have surfaced from the advent of new technologies, find all you need to keep you, your colleagues, and your clients safe at NAR’s Safety Hub.

RPAC AT WORK: GOING TO BAT FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. When policymakers in Washington, D.C. signaled there could be tax changes on the horizon for independent contractors, the National Association of REALTORS took immediate action to educate lawmakers on the impact that the “ABC test” and other changes to the independent contract tax structure could have on REALTORS, their businesses, and ultimately American families’ ability to find the home of their dreams.

RPAC AT WORK (AGAIN): REALTOR WINS IN COVID RELIEF. President Joe Biden on Thursday, March 11th, signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package known as the American Rescue Plan into law, sending another jolt to the struggling economy. The legislation contains numerous measures championed by the National Association of REALTORS®, including those related to rental, housing, and small business assistance as well as extended unemployment benefits.

Real Estate Economic Reports: Bringing Knowledge to Membership, Officials & the Community

ECONOMIC REPORTS: SHARING KNOWLEDGE, BRANDED WITH YOUR BUSINESS. This year, HAAR continued our partnership with the UAH College of Business in producing Quarterly Real Estate Economic Reports for our members, elected officials and the general public.

These reports are available to the public but are released early to Brokers, community stakeholders and the membership at large. In addition to these quarter reports. HAAR and ValleyMLS.com also work to provide monthly “Fast Stats” from across North Alabama as well as a Weekly Real Estate Market Activity Report every Monday.

April: Bringing Education, Ethics, & Advocacy to the Next Level

JOINING FORCES ON FAIR HOUSING. In April, HAAR assembled an expert panel on Fair Housing for members, elected officials, and the general public for a symposium on Fair Housing challenges and how to overcome them. Speakers incuded:

🔹NAR Fair Housing Policy Rep Sehar Siddiqi
🔹NAREB Huntsville President Frank Brown
🔹Multicultural Affairs Officer Kenny Anderson
🔹HAAR President Zelda Friedman
🔹HAAR CEO Josh McFall

LEARNING LESSONS FROM THE PANDEMIC. In the height of the pandemic, due to the state of emergency, public health orders, and social distancing guidelines, many REALTORS® and other professionals were unable to safely meet in person to close transactions and conduct other essential business. Governor Kay Ivey took leadership on a multitude of issues during the pandemic, including issuing an executive order to allow for remote ink notarization. That executive order, however, was only valid during the state of emergency.

To help members have the permanent ability to utilize remote ink notarization to safely conduct essential business remotely when necessary, Alabama REALTORS led the effort to codify the language from Governor Ivey’s executive orders during the pandemic and provide security to safely notarize documents remotely using identity proofing measures to help remote closings and other transactions permanently.

ADVOCACY EVERYWHERE. HAAR’s ARPAC investment fundraising and outreach efforts helped the organization to win recognition from Alabama REALTORS® for the highest percentage of major investors among large state associations.
Advocacy is the cornerstone of our industry, and it begins and ends with our members. Every investment is critical toward supporting legislation, candidates and elected officials that work toward strengthening the American Dream of owning a home. 
Click below to view the full Alabama REALTORS awards presentation from 2021 ARPAC Chair Forrest Meadows.

HAPPENING AT HAAR: BRINGING MEMBERS THE LATEST UPDATES. Each month, HAAR produces a video update that is sent to membership in every channel we have. From special offers, exciting and innovating classes, and reminders on events and benefits members will want to take advantage of, these videos are carefully curated to deliver as much information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Video updates are hosted by HAAR Advocacy and Marketing Manager Daniela Perallon and are released the first week of every month via email, social media, and at live events.

May: Strong, Battle, Finley Update Realtors, HAAR Prepares for Summer

BRINGING MEMBERS OUR COMMUNITY’S TOP ELECTED LEADERS. Mayor Tommy Battle, Mayor Paul Finley, and County Commission Chair Dale Strong joined HAAR to share the successes, and current challenges facing Madison County. All three leaders agreed Huntsville is in a phase of exponential growth, a point of pride for our community. However, with this growth have come challenges to keep pace with infrastructure, housing, and affordable cost of living.

BREAKING NEWS YOU ALREADY KNOW: OUR MARKET IS HOT. Madison County and the regional real estate industry is no stranger to accolades related to quality, cost, and standard of living. That’s why it was no surprise when WalletHub named our market as the 6th Healthiest in the Nation and the 8th best overall for real estate agents.

RAPID FIRE BOARD UPDATES. When the HAAR and ValleyMLS.com Boards of Directors meet, there’s always work to be done. As these monthly meetings conclude, there is typically a bevy of information about which members and subscribers immediately need to know, which is disseminated through Breaking News emails, on HAAR.realtor, social media, and other channels.

🎓 Education Spotlight: Brunch, Lunch & Learn

A top focus of HAAR in 2021 was to revolutionize the way we offer classes and trainings to members, and to ensure our Affiliate Members have every opportunity to tell the stories of their business. This year, our education department instituted Brunch & Learns to compliment the popular Lunch & Learn series, featuring affiliates and free brunch to get your day started.  These free MLS trainings are archived and hosted on our website for education-hungry REALTORS to watch on demand . 

June: REALTOR Roundup, Juneteenth, Broker Excellence, #HomeownershipMatters, Code of Ethics, Juneteenth, Affiliate Summit, and the Return of HAARtalks

REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. Mentioned above, due to pandemic safety precautions, the 2021 Gala was split into two events: a January installation of officers and directors and a Wild West-themed REALTOR Reunion in June at the Hampton Cove Wedding Venue. Members reconnected, danced, bid on ARPAC auction items, and celebrated 2021 HAAR President Zelda Friedman as Catering Vets served some of the best BBQ around. Carey Rosenblum was also named the 2020 Broker Excellence Award recipient.

THANK YOU to our affiliate sponsors for making the REALTOR Roundup a reality!

BROKER EXCELLENCE. In June, HAAR awarded its annual Broker Excellence Award, recognizing a broker who exemplifies professionalism, leadership, agent training, and association involvement. The 2020 Broker Excellence Award was bestowed upon HAAR Past President Carey Rosenblum.

Carey Rosenblum’s high standards have served HAAR members, our community, his colleagues and clients well. He’s shared his time and talents as a HAAR President, as an ombudsman, on our Professional Standards committee, as a Director for almost a decade, and in handfuls of other positions.

"Congratulations and thank you, Carey. Your work is such a large part of what makes our market and community both strong and built to last." - HAAR President Zelda Friedman​

THE RETURN OF HAARtalks. It’s back!  HAARtalks is back! Our periodic video series highlighting breaking industry news will broadcast from ‘HAAR Studios’ and feature live insights as well as regular interviews with market and community leaders.

Take a look at CEO Josh McFall’s announcement and stay tuned to the HAAR Facebook page & group for future episodes!

JUNETEENTH. This year, HAAR worked with brokerages to help REALTORS and their clients celebrate Juneteenth in meaningful ways that recognize the long journey to equity and respect Black Americans, Black families, Black-owned businesses and others continue to travel upon to this day.

Although HAAR and ValleyMLS.com are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion every day of the year, Juneteenth is a real opportunity to amplify understanding of the unique experience of Black Americans, and we plan to continue that commitment to honor the Black experience. 

#HOMEOWNERSHIPMATTERS. HAAR once again marked June as Homeownership month, spotlighting the American Dream of owning a home. From community buy-in to increasing one’s quality of life, take a look at 5 Reasons #HomeownershipMatters.

COMMITMENT TO THE CODE. As the current NAR Code of Ethics cycle winds down, HAAR began reminding members in June that there were six months left in the 3-year period that began on January 1, 2019 for REALTORS to catch up on their Code of Ethics training.

In fact, HAAR provided literally endless ways for members to earn their training! From online remote options like C2EX.realtor and the HAAR School of Real Estate, to ten in-person classes offered year-round, these links were published in nearly every edition of The Weekly from June through December to ensure REALTOR members could fit this important continuing education into their busy schedules.

CREATING VALUE FOR AFFILIATE PARTNERS. Under the guidance of HAAR Affiliate Director Kristy Smith, we developing new options and benefits in our ongoing efforts to build value for our affiliate partners. Our new 3-tiered program offers more choice that is tailored to each affiliate’s needs. Take a look below at all our plans and THANK YOU to our affiliate sponsors for all you do to support, energize, and strengthen the North Alabama real estate market!

July: 99 Club, Internships, Supporting REALTORS During the "Busy" Season

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. This year, ARPAC Chair Patty Winkles and Co-chair Isaac Winkles instituted the 99 Club, providing the option to invest in ARPAC at lower levels. Every dollar counts in the battle to defend homeownership and private property rights, and HAAR will continue to show gratitude to those who invest at any level.

If you invested $99 or more in ARPAC this year, please contact outreach@valleymls.com to receive your 99 Club hat and pin!

INTERNSHIPS. July 29th was a rare sad day at HAAR and ValleyMLS, as we said goodbye to our summer interns, Abbie Kate Hancock and Zach Cole. For two months, Hancock and Cole provided invaluable expertise and support for ValleyMLS research efforts and HAAR marketing, outreach and communications.

Abbie Kate helped to plan and execute the REALTOR® Roundup, brought our social media game to the next level, and took on varied other tasks. Starting Monday, she will serve as the new Development Director for Make-a-Wish Mississippi.

Zach undertook a major research project for ValleyMLS, which will provide critical input from the consumer market and make the website and MLS serve buyers, sellers, brokers and agents better and more efficiently. He will stay locally, raising his family with his wife and working in Huntsville.

HAAR IN THE NEWS. Media outreach is a critical component of HAAR and ValleyMLS.com’s communications strategy, not only to promote the importance of hiring a REALTOR or using ValleyMLS.com, but to educate the public on the homebuying process and about programs that exist to help them along the way. Thank you to President Zelda Friedman and the rest of our Leadership Team who always made themselves available to reach out the community through our local media partners.

President Zelda Friedman on WAFF

JACKSON COUNTY REALTORS. Under the leadership of Chapter President Marty Paulson, HAAR and Jackson County REALTORS worked to bring decision-makers like Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy, County Commission Chair General Bill Nance, and others directly to members in our quarterly meetings. Northeast Alabama has a unique set of challenges and potential, and we’re looking forward to roll our sleeves up and work together to advance the Jackson County real estate market in 2022!

THE NEWEST FEATURES FOR VALLEYMLS.COM SUBSCRIBERS. 2021 was a year full of updates and new features brought to ValleyMLS.com subscribers from Paragon. Below is a comprehensive list of everything that came out this year. View or download the PDF below for more, or click ‘READ MORE’ for Paragon’s 2021 Year End Review.

🎓 Education Spotlight: HAARschool.realestate

HELPING MEMBERS DEVELOP THEIR CAREERS, OPEN 24 HOURS. This year, HAAR took great strides to develop its education department with more choices, new classes, and different ways to take classes – even in the comfort of your own home. Stay tuned in 2022 for the grand re-opening of our online school, HAARschool.realestate. The newly developed education center will be more intuitive and help guide members on their journey to ensure they’re taking advantage of every educational benefit at their fingertips.

August: Award Season, REALTOR Spa Day, Training the Trainers

AND THE WINNER IS… The August member meeting is one of largest of the year, because it’s when we name our REALTOR, Affiliate, and Good Neighbor of the Year! Although pandemic uncertainty forced a change of location from the meeting’s usual venue at Burritt on the Mountain, our August meeting was one of the first to bring us all together in person. We were treated to a motivational and energizing presentation from Dr. Karockas “Doc Rock” Watkins, enjoyed catering from Bubba’s, and named our award winners.

RECOGNIZING EXTRAORDINARY ACHIEVEMENT, ENGAGEMENT, & LEADERSHIP. HAAR named Cindi Peters-Tanner our REALTOR® of the Year and Janice Gilbreath our Affiliate of the Year in 2021! Additionally, Past President Ginny Brandau was named our inaugural Good Neighbor Award Winner!

We are grateful for the experience, counsel and passion they share with their colleagues and our association every day. Congratulations to everyone!

SHOWING APPRECIATION. As the busy season grows longer and longer for REALTORS and companies that support the real estate industry, HAAR worked with our Affiliate members to offer a free Spa Day for members who needed a break to relax.

We look forward to bringing more, new and exciting ways to show our appreciation for everything members do to move our communities forward through their work and volunteerism.

CALLING ALL REAL ESTATE INSTRUCTORS. This year, HAAR instituted its ‘Train the Trainer’ program as a part of our campaign to boost REALTOR professionalism and help members put their skills to use as a Trainer. Thank you to those who gave back to the REALTOR community this year, growing their own skills in the process!

EXPANDING HAAR’S POLITICAL ADVOCACY REACH WITH LOCAL POLITICAL COORDINATORS. The first of its kind in Alabama and among the nation’s initial crop of LPC programs organized by local REALTOR® Associations, HAAR’s LPC program is made up of individual HAAR members to assist association leadership in staying ahead of issues before they are enacted.

September: Housing Solutions Summit, Broker Summit, Service Day, & Happy Hour

JOINING FORCES & SOLVING PROBLEMS. In September, HAAR joined with the Huntsville Madison County Builders Association and BancorpSouth to bring heavy-hitters from near and far to lay the groundwork for solutions that tackle the housing inventory crunch in North Alabama.

BRING BROKERS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Along with monthly Broker Briefs, regular Broker forums, and ValleyMLS.com repositioning itself as a business-generation tool for area Brokers and their companies, we were thrilled to bring WAV Group founder Marilyn Wilson for a day-long intensive presentation at the 2021 Broker Summit.

The entire event, which includes a Fair Housing Update from NAR Senior Policy Representative Alexia Smokler, can be viewed at HAAR’s YouTube channel.

HAAR members partnered up this year with eight local charities for REALTOR® Service Week, providing more than 400 volunteer hours for organizations that support our most vulnerable neighbors during times of need.

The National Children’s Advocacy Center, Habitat for Humanity, and the Downtown Rescue Mission were just a few of the local charities that hosted volunteers. Take a look at photos from this week below and don’t forget! You can support REALTORS® in Action with your tax-deductible donation through the dashboard.

WCR RESURGENCE. This year was a big one for the local chapter Women’s Council of REALTORS! As pandemic safety measures and uncertainty affected many organizations including WCR last year, 2021 saw more engagement, new ways to engage and develop careers, and exciting events like “What’s Your Why?” featuring National Association of REALTORS Public & Federal Issues Advocacy Liaison Maura Neill.

HAAR looks forward to seeing what 2022 will bring for the Women’s Council of REALTORS!

🎓 Education Spotlight: Gear Up for Next (CE) Year!

This year, HAAR’s Education Department executed more than 150 learning opportunities for members – that’s a class every two and a half days!

2022 is a CE Year and HAAR already has classes scheduled through March! Whether it’s in person or through HAARschool.realestate, any time is a great time to JUMP INTO CE! 

October: Expo, & Electing New Leaders

COMBINING EVENTS FOR A FRESH MEMBER EXPERIENCE. This year, the Annual HAAR & ValleyMLS.com Business Meeting was combined with the REALTOR Expo, and it all happened at Toyota Field in Trash Pandas Stadium!

Texas REALTOR Jef Conn served as the our keynote speaker this year and provided an energetic and innovative discussion, challenging members to change their way of thinking about business generation.

2022 HAAR Board of Directors

2022 ValleyMLS Board of Directors

RECAP: AAR Annual Conference

HAAR staff attended the 2021 AAR Annual Conference in Point Clear and has posted notes on each section, including Governor Kay Ivey’s lunch discussion, at HAAR. realtor.

he conference offered critical marketing tips, buyer strategies and more. Click below for a quick report from the annual meeting below.

November: HAAR Nationally Recognized for C2eX and as a 'Great Place to Work'

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. In 2021, HAAR President Zelda Friedman prioritized a focus membership pursuing their C2EX endorsement, which fulfills NAR’s Code of Ethics requirement and provides a new way for REALTORS® to demonstrate to their clients, their commitment to excellence.

The number of C2EX-endorsed HAAR members continues to grow each week, and at the NAR Annual Convention in San Diego, HAAR was recognized as a 2021 C2EX Challenge Winner – one of only three associations with fewer than 5,000 members nationwide.

🎓 Education Spotlight: Commitment to Excellence

Speaking of C2EX, this year HAAR placed a special focus on the National Association of REALTORS program,  both as a way to fulfill their Code of Ethics requirement and to provide members with another endorsement to display to their clients, demonstrating, well, their Commitment to Excellence.

Nearly 50 members completed the program in 2021, and our ranks are growing every week. Don’t forget! When you earn your C2EX endorsement, you receive recognition from HAAR, and free C2EX polo or T-shirt, and social media assets from our marketing department.

December: Leadership Summit, HAAR-liday Fiesta, & Closing Out A Successful Year for REALTORS

ADVANCING LEADERSHIP SKILLS ACROSS NORTH ALABAMA. The 2021 ValleyMLS.com Leadership Summit brought Keynote Speaker Adorna Carroll to HAAR for a lively and motivational presentation in front of area brokers as well as representatives from our ValleyMLS.com association partners across the region. 

HAPPY HAAR-LIDAYS! HAAR and ValleyMLS.com wrapped up 2021 with our HAAR-liday Open House, this year with a Mexican-themed Fiesta! Thank you to those who joined us and made our last public event of the year as special as it was!