HAAR & ValleyMLS.com Board Update

MLS 8.0 Clear Cooperation, Lockboxes, Listing Input, Forms, Teachers and Caravan taken up Tuesday at Final Board Meeting of 2019
On Tuesday, November 19, HAAR and ValleyMLS.com held their final Board Meetings of 2019. As usual, both agendas were intensive, and we wanted to alert you to some of the major decisions made by the Board of Directors before Saturday’s usual weekly update.
CLEAR COOPERATION, MLS 8.0: This month, NAR’s Board of Directors approved MLS Statement 8.0, also known as the Clear Cooperation policy. The policy requires listing brokers who are participants in a multiple listing service to submit their listing to the MLS within one business day of marketing the property to the public. On Tuesday, our Board approved the adoption of this policy with an April 1, 2020 implementation date . Find out more information and ask questions directly to NAR by CLICKING HERE .
LOCKBOXES: Directors approved Supra Key cooperation between HAAR and the Birmingham Association of REALTORS®, allowing access to keyboxes across the entire area covered by our partnership. The implementation date will be announced in the coming weeks.
LISTING INPUT: A recently announced change from ValleyMLS.com to begin the Listing Input process at the tax screen was set to take effect on December 2nd. This change has been paused until further notice . To review all new rules and regulations, CLICK HERE .
FORMS: Changes were made to two official forms to enhance communications for buyers and provide information if the property they are purchasing operates on a sewer system or septic tank. To view updated General Information and Inspection Addendum forms, click on the links in this sentence.
VOTE FOR SCHOOLS ON DECEMBER 10: Directors approved $5,000 to help fund the campaign to get out the vote on December 10 to support Huntsville City Schools. Our children could lose out on school funding because old laws are excluding taxpayers in growing parts of Huntsville. This is an important vote that does not raise taxes and will be the only item on the ballot, so voter turnout is key. Spread the word and don’t forget to vote FOR our schools on December 10th. More information can be found at www.VoteForSchools1210.com .
CARAVAN: The Board approved moving Caravan to the second Friday of each month. This change will take effect when the program starts up again in February of 2020.
TRAINING OUR TEACHERS: Directors also approved sending $10,000 to the Creative Cities Fund to support the training of National Board Certified Teachers in Madison County. Board Certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession. There is currently a backlog of local educators waiting to earn their certification and this funding will help five teachers better themselves and better our schools. Anyone can donate to this program through the Creative Cities Fund. Find out more information HERE .
As noted above, Tuesday was the final meeting of Officers and Directors in 2019, and the last for many of our outgoing board members. HAAR and ValleyMLS.com is grateful to these members for their service to our association, our MLS, and our industry at large.
To our Leadership Team, thank you for your steady leadership, innovative approach in guiding us through 2019, and making this year the incredible journey that it was.
  • Cindi Peters-Tanner, President
  • Sha Jarboe, President-Elect
  • Zelda Lanza, MLS President
  • Isaac Winkles, Treasurer
  • Valerie Miles, Immediate Past President
To our Board of Directors, thank you for your passion, thoughtfulness and relentless dedication to the success of HAAR and ValleyMLS.com.
  • Heather Batchelor
  • Zach Bingham
  • Joanie Blackwell
  • Melanie Brooks
  • Tim Brown
  • Loraine Cordule
  • Brenda Elliott
  • John Evans, Jr.
  • Tamara Fox
  • Lore Hislop
  • Chris Hulser
  • Jim Johnson
  • Jay Jones
  • Kim Leach
  • Terry Lewis
  • Kathy Mann
  • Regina Mitchell
  • Jean Nelson
  • Monica Sanford
  • Robert Simons
  • Pam Wilks
  • Judy Fudge
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