Helpful Tip – Update Regarding Tax Autofill in Paragon

Several Counties are in the process of being updated with the most recent tax data (2017), when using the Paragon Tax Autofill option.

However, with the most recent update, 2 additional numerical digits were applied to the FIPS code. (Example: Previously, the FIPS code for Madison County was 089. With the 2017 update, this code now displays as

Adding the 2 additional digits has created a conflict with the NALMLS ā€œformattingā€ requirement, and therefore the ā€œformattingā€ requirement rule has been disabled. You will still need to add a Parcel # (and the preference is to get the Parcel # from the TAX Autofill option). Using the Paragon Tax autofill to retrieve your Parcel #, allows the Tax icon on your reports to link properly.

To learn more about the Tax Autofill option please click HERE.

As always, thank you for your participation and please contact the MLS Department should you run into any issues or have any questions.