Women’s History Month Spotlight: Whitney Stringer

Celebrating Women's History Month: Embracing Leadership, Empowerment, and Support from HAAR Treasurer, Whitney Stringer

As Women’s History Month ends, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the remarkable women who have shaped our lives and aspirations for the future. I’d like to share my journey, the influences that have inspired me, and some empowering actions we can all take to uplift women in our communities.

Inspirations from Women in History

I wear several hats in my professional realm – REALTOR®, Treasurer of HAAR & Valley MLS, wife, and mom. These roles allow me to navigate the world of real estate while also contributing to the growth and development of my community. But beyond the titles and responsibilities, the women who have left indelible marks on history and my personal life fuel my passion for empowerment.
One such woman is the incomparable Dolly Parton. Despite not being a country music enthusiast, I am captivated by Dolly’s extraordinary journey. She’s built a brand and business that transcends generations, all while exuding an authenticity and resilience that resonates deeply. Dolly inspires me to stand firm in my convictions, to champion what’s right, and to embrace vulnerability without compromising strength.

Personal Influences: Family and Values

Growing up, my father instilled in me a sense of independence. He emphasized the importance of self-reliance and encouraged me never to depend on others for my livelihood. Today, as a mother raising two fiercely independent daughters, aged 19 and 7, I strive to impart the same values of strength, innovation, and self-assurance. My husband and I nurture an environment where our daughters feel empowered to stand up for themselves and advocate for others, echoing the lessons I learned from my father.

Supporting Other Women: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Supporting and uplifting other women is a philosophy and a daily practice for me. Whether offering encouragement, celebrating achievements, or frequenting women-owned businesses like Domaine South, I strive to foster a culture of empowerment and solidarity. The small, everyday gestures – like complimenting a fellow woman or leaving a positive review for a local business – collectively contribute to a more supportive and inclusive community.


To everyone reading this, remember: leadership knows no bounds. Whether you hold a formal title or not, your actions, support, and voice matter. Let’s continue to show up, to learn, to give back, and above all, to uplift one another. Together, we can forge a future where every woman feels empowered to seize her full potential.
Happy Women’s History Month!