WellcomeMat the latest NEW, FREE tool for ValleyMLS subscribers

ValleyMLS has partnered with WellcomeMat and integrated the program into Paragon to unlock the full value of video, and provide the most competitive marketing tools for subscribers.
Here’s what you can expect from your experience with WellcomeMat.

Engage Your Audience

Engage your audience with beautiful, responsive video viewing experiences. Video marketing is a powerful way for agents and brokers to reach consumers.Ā 

Easy Video Upload For Your Listings

Getting ramped up on WellcomeMat is fast and painless. Upload any amount of videos from YouTube, Dropbox or your local storage device. We ask all the right questions so your videos are organized and perfectly optimized for search traffic.

Share Across Social

Increase the reach of your video content with scheduled distribution to your social network and an ever-growing number of premium distribution media sites.

Get Limitless Analytics

With WellcomeMat, you have access to analytics for any video published under your account. We capture all the data regardless of where your video is shared. This means you can see how best to attract and close deals with potential clients.

With our comprehensive analytics suite, you have all the relevant data you need to succeed.

Learn How to Upload & Manage Your Listings