2022 HAAR REALTOR® Voter Guide

The Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors has voted to endorse the following candidates in upcoming races for Huntsville City Municipal Elections on August 23rd, 2022. Additional endorsements will be considered by the REALTOR® Party Candidate Workgroup for a potential runoff in the race for Huntsville City Council, District 2.
Also listed below is an endorsement in the race for Madison County School Board, District 4. Other county endorsements were made for May primary elections. There are no Madison City elections in 2022.

Jennie Robinson for Huntsville City Council, District 3

Dr. Robinson has focused her time in office on developing her south Huntsville district through business growth and infrastructure improvements. She “walks the walk”, regularly participating in the community projects she encourages her constituents to engage in. Robinson is running unopposed, but we encourage voters to show up at the polls and support Jennie.

Mark Clouser for Huntsville City Council, District 4

A lifetime Huntsville native, Mark Clouser has stressed the importance of housing solutions to be applied in an equitable way to support community inclusion. His energy on the campaign trail shows a deep interest in hearing from voters and understanding of the challenges facing District 4. Mark has done the work to better learn the need for a skilled trade workforce. Clouser’s versatile experience and perspective will bring fresh ideas to the City Council.

Holly McCarty for Huntsville School Board, District 2

Born and raised in Huntsville, McCarty is a former prosecutor and has been active in the local school system as a PTA volunteer for nearly 15 years. In addition to her extensive resume of volunteer work in our community, she has demonstrated a unique knowledge of our schools and has the skills to ensure the system is focused on student achievement. She has listed her priorities as school safety, teacher retention, improved communication, and ensuring Huntsville City Schools meets the guidelines of the DOJ’s consent order.

Elisa Ferrell for Huntsville School Board, District 3

Ferrell has served our schools with distinction through an extremely tumultuous term of a pandemic, uncertainty from the federal government, and continued work to comply with the DOJ’s consent order. Through it all, Elisa has operated with poise and calm leadership. Her institutional knowledge and drive to help teachers grow their careers are true assets to the community. Ferrell is the kind of uniquely-driven public servant that is always needed in office.

Ryan Renaud for Huntsville School Board, District 4

Ryan has an exceptional knowledge of our school system and how it operates with City Hall, the County Commission, and their agencies. Since the City Council appointed him to office, he had rolled up his sleeves, done the work, and played an outsized role in the school board’s success and efficiency. Renaud is a true public servant focused on producing results for our students, teachers, and parents. He has stressed teamwork and building relationships to achieve a shared goal of a more prosperous community for all, something he rightly believes begins with strong public education.

Shatika Armstrong for Madison County School Board, District 4

Armstrong understands the challenges facing the district, particularly overcrowding at Harvest Elementary, Madison Crossroads and Sparkman Middle. She has stressed the importance of listening to the public in creating initiatives and programs that create student opportunity.
 Additionally, Shatika underscores the need to ensure all parties who contribute to the success of our students are given a voice – from teachers, to parents and public employees alike. Her volunteer work has been invaluable as a parent coordinator where she works with school and district personnel to identify parent needs.

2022 Elections: Dates to Know

May 9: Voter registration deadline for Primary Election
May 17: Deadline to apply for Absentee Ballot by mail
May 19: Deadline to apply for Absentee Ballot in person
May 23: Deadline to return Absentee Ballot in person
May 24: Deadline to return Absentee Ballot by mail
May 24: Primary Election (Statewide)
November 8: General Election (Statewide & National)
June 14-28: Qualifying Window for Municipal Election Candidates
August 16: Deadline to submit Absentee Application by mail
August 18: Deadline to return Absentee Ballot in person
August 23: Municipal Election (Huntsville City only)
September 20: Runoff Elections if necessary
Each election cycle, the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® forms a REALTOR® Party Candidate Workgroup (RPCW). The RPCW is made up of a diverse selection of HAAR members whoave filled out their engagement profile with the association and have demonstrated experience or other value in vetting candidates and potential REALTOR® Champions. After workgroup members agree to serve, the roster is reviewed by the association’s Leadership Team and provided to the Board of Directors for an up-or-down vote.
All formally qualified candidates are provided with a questionnaire. Candidates who return a completed questionnaire are then invited to interview with the RPCW. After all candidates for a particular office are interviewed, the workgroup provides endorsement recommendations, reviewed by the Leadership Team, to the Board of Directors for an up-or-down vote.
HAAR endorses REALTOR® Champions in Madison County and municipal elections only. State legislative races are handled by the Alabama Association of REALTORS®. Federal races are handled by the National Association of REALTORS®.