Introduces Risk for SafeMLS

A few weeks ago announced plans to implement a security initiative designed to provide optimum protection for valuable MLS and customer data by preventing unauthorized access and risky behavior. In addition to an improved security posture that ensures valuable data doesnā€™t end up compromised, members also have the benefit of revenue assurance ā€“ assuring that everyone using the MLS is participating in the cost of providing the service.

In preparation of the launch of the Risk Product, you may receive an email asking you to change your password to ensure your account is compliant. If you do receive this email, it is very important that you take the necessary steps to change your password.

On January 29th, you will see the new login page show below when attempting to log into the Dashboard:

This new login screen uses technology that involves Risk detection so you will no longer be able to save your login ID or password in your browser.

You will continue to login with your existing password until you are prompted to go through a short enrollment process, where you will answer 3 secret questions and set a new password.Ā  You will only have to do this once. Please contact with any questions.