ValleyMLS Board Meeting: April 9th

A new status of Withdrawn will soon be available in Paragon.
Withdrawn Status Defined:
The listing has been withdrawn (not cancelled) from the market, but a contract still exists between the seller and the listing member. Withdrawn status does not represent any intention of returning to the market or not. If the listing agent does not return to the market, it will expire at the end on the expiration date.


MARKETING: Withdrawn suspends the marketing of the property. The marketing prohibition applies to ALL promotion of the property during the period in Withdrawn status. If a property continues to be advertised, the Withdrawn status may not be applied to the listing. SHOWINGS: No showings are allowed while in withdrawn status. If a showing is scheduled, the withdrawn status may not be applied to the listing.
DOCUMENTATION: The SELLER is the only individual that can initiate a listing being classified as withdrawn. As such, any withdrawn listing will require certification, (listing change notice) signed by the seller, indicating their initiation of the withdrawn status which must accompany any withdrawn listing in the MLS.
NEW: Required Buyer Agent Field
When maintaining a listing status to Contingent and/or Pending, the buyers agent name must be entered in this new required field.
This is a private field and will only be visible to the listing agent and MLS Staff