Board Actions Update

On Wednesday, March 16th, the Board of Directors met to discuss and approve several policy improvements. Those updates, listed below. Please email with questions.

Motion Passed: To accept the revised language to offer clarification in Rules & Regs regarding conditional compensation, as displayed below.

Motion Passed: To create a status within Paragon for non-compliant listings. (Active: Non-Compliance)

Motion Passed: To approve the addition of new fields in Paragon to be completed when offering “Additional Compensation” aka BONUS (as detailed below)

  • “Other Fee” field will be removed and then replaced it with a Bonus field that will allow listing agent to select Y/N
  • If Participant selects yes, they will then be required to enter the amount AND select % or $
  • The next required question would be is this Bonus Conditional? Y/N
  • If yes, the “Additional Compensation Remarks” field would become required

Motion Passed: To make any changes made to the compensation fields available in the listing history report within Paragon, so that any changes to these fields, throughout the life of the listing, and the dates of those changes, will be visible to anyone who can view listing history.

Motion Passed: To remove Investment Property as a property type in the Residential Property Class.

Motion Passed, Compliance Policy Change: In the event an agent leaves a brokerage, and the listing is retained by the current broker, the agent will no longer have access to those listing. Therefore, the broker will be held responsible for making any and all changes to include sold information. Any fees, fines or other penalties for non-compliance with MLS rules and regulations shall become the responsibly of the Broker who retains the listing(s)