Upcoming Paragon Enhancements

Paragon Pre-Release customers will receive the following changes on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 and Full Production Release customers will receive them on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

  1. Third Party Integrations, Action Icons and the Search Results Menu
  • A new Actions button has been added to the search results menu, providing users with a centralized location to access integrations from any spreadsheet or detail view! Besides centralized access, this new button effectively removes the need to insert icons into agent-facing custom reports. In addition to the new menu option, the Actions Icon column for the spreadsheet has been modified to display a single icon   to access all integrations, giving users more space for viewing data.
  • Note: The menu item that was previously called Actions has been renamed to More.
  1. Listing Input – Partial Listings Auto-Save
  • Now you can add and maintain Photos, Open Houses, Tours, Documents and Videos while adding a  listing without having to save it first. Selecting one of these additional actions will automatically save your data as a Partial listing. Previously, you had to save your listing first in order to access those additional options.
  • Note: Users must remember that their auto-saved listings are under Partial Listings.
  1. RETS Feed Listing Syndication – New Broker/Agent Preferences (Optional Feature)
  • Broker Syndication is here! This optional feature allows the MLS to participate in Broker Listing Syndication to permit management of RETS Listing feeds at the Broker level. Brokers can optionally grant syndication permissions to their Agents.
  • Note: Broker Syndication is set by the MLS in the RETS Profiles. Brokers and Agents, if permitted, then manage their syndication options via User Preferences. MLSs that already have a solution for selecting Listings for RETS feeds do not have to do anything different.
  1. New Embedded Videos via Links (Optional Feature)
  • After allowing Embedded Videos on your site, the user will be able to add YouTube or Vimeo video URLs to their listing. The embedded videos will display on the Connect Report views – CollabLink, ConnectView, Collab Center Detail, and Paragon Connect Detail.
  • Note: This new video type is separate from the system Virtual Tour and Website fields available in the system today and will not go out with RETS until we’ve had time to communicate appropriately to you and your RETS Vendors in the future.

For more information on the upcoming release, the 5.81 Customer Toolkit includes release notes, an email template for communication to your members and links to Paragon’s social media pages where we share helpful tips for users.