Answering Questions: Clear Cooperation In Effect Today, April 1

Clear Cooperation Goes Into Effect April 1, 2020

From the National Association of REALTORS®, All multiple listing services will require that a listing is submitted to the MLS within one business day of the listing being publicly marketed. Find out about the rationale behind this new Clear Cooperation policy, how it will affect you, and why the new rules create a more efficient,  pro-competitive marketplace that benefits buyers and sellers.

Please note that the forms Exclusive Right to Sell, Coming Soon and Office Exclusive have been updated in Dotloop to reflect the National  Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Clear Cooperation Policy. Please take special note of the changes in marketing date as referenced in the Exclusive Right to Sell form. These changes have been communicated to subscribers, agents and brokers alike.

DOWNLOAD FAQs ON CLEAR COOPERATION FROM VALLEYMLS.COM HERE or view the document at the bottom of this page.

For a full presentation on NAR’s Clear Cooperation, including a panel discussion and further FAQs from NAR, please CLICK HERE.

For extra guidance from NAR, please view the videos below and share this page with your colleagues and office.