Statement from HAAR on NAR Lawsuits

The Huntsville Area Association of REALTORSĀ® and ValleyMLS deeply appreciate our members, especially during uncertain times like these. We understand the urgent need for answers regarding NARā€™s potential lawsuit settlement. However, as this is an evolving situation, it would be irresponsible for HAAR as an association to speculate or contribute to the spread of misinformation which we have seen in particular from national news outlets and other media that amplify those inaccuracies.
It is important to note that this settlement still requires approval from a judge. This, and other aspects of the settlement process, are being handled at levels beyond north Alabama. HAAR, ValleyMLS, our staff and volunteer leaders are not privy to any discussion or decision related to these lawsuits.
As we all await further developments, the only source for accurate information on this ongoing litigation is NAR’s information hub offers news, talking points, and other resources to keep us informed and aid in communicating effectively with colleagues and clients about this matter.
HAAR’s position has and will always be the same: REALTORSĀ® are crucial to the transaction involving the largest investment most of us will ever make ā€“ purchasing a home.
REALTORSĀ® have championed the American Dream of homeownership for more than a century. They have defended Fair Housing for decades. They guided millions of buyers and sellers through the pandemic. The value REALTORSĀ® provide to a transaction goes miles beyond opening a door.
Last year, those who sold a home without a REALTORĀ® left an average of $95,000 on the table. Entering a real estate transaction without a REALTORĀ® is like going to trial without an attorney. Not advisable.
Everyone, including HAAR and ValleyMLS, is waiting for real answers. And while we do, it is critical to avoid speculation and misinformation taking over the conversation.
The most responsible action you can take today and every day until concrete answers are released by NAR is to continue to serve your clients, avoid the spread of false information, and focus on showing your value. Now is the time for calm while we allow the process to unfold. We know that’s the most difficult part and we are right here by your side.
In the meantime, it’s important for REALTORSĀ® to continue their service to the public. You have weathered crisis after crisis and you always emerge on the other side, ready again to defend homeownership and private property rights.
Please continue to follow updates on Information released there will also be highlighted at and in The Weekly newsletter that hits your inbox every Saturday and Monday at 7 AM.
Thank you for all you do.

Huntsville Area Association of REALTORSĀ® & ValleyMLS