Staff Spotlight: David Cruse

Leading the Charge in Security and Tech at HAAR and ValleyMLS

In the fast-paced tech world, David Cruse shines as a Sr. Technology Specialist, dedicated to keeping HAAR and ValleyMLS ahead in efficiency and security. His daily grind is a mix of troubleshooting, updating, and innovating; tackling everything from fundamental backup changes to complex server optimizations. 
His coworkers have seen Dave thrive in this dynamic environment, always ready to revive faltering tech or spearhead projects like network security upgrades and migrating to Microsoft 365, enhancing operational capabilities and cybersecurity.
Cruse’s journey from field troubleshooting to an in-house focus allows him to dive deeper into strategic projects, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age. 
Looking forward, he’s keen on mastering the administrative facets of technology projects, underscoring the completeness of a project with its paperwork.
Off the clock, Cruse enjoys the tranquility of North Alabama, indulging in home-cooked meals and the comfort of his favorite TV shows. 
His path into tech, shaped by military service, instills a blend of technical prowess, discipline, and adaptability. For Cruse, the ever-evolving tech landscape fuels his passion, driving him to keep pace and lead the charge in innovation and security.