HAAR Board Approves Switch to SentriLock, Membership to vote August 10

This week, the HAAR Board of Directors approved a move from Supra lockboxes to SentriLock devices. The full HAAR membership will vote on ratification of this switch on August 10th at the Botanical Gardens to vote on ratification of this move. Log into the dashboard to register for this meeting and email MLSsupport@valleymls.com with questions.

Research and Moving Forward with Sentrilock

The vote was after several months of research from a special workgroup that was appointed earlier this year by HAAR President Chris Hulser and ValleyMLS.com Chair Isaac Winkles. The workgroup was tasked with studying the best lockbox solution for all participating boards of ValleyMLS.com. The workgroup evaluated the current vendor and Sentrilock and ultimately recommended a move to SentriLock.
The lockbox workgroup held three comprehensive meetings and hosted an in-person demonstration and Q&A with each vendor.
The workgroup then unanimously voted to recommend SentriLock to the HAAR Board of Directors.
To ratify this decision, HAAR membership must approve the move to SentriLock in a final vote on August 10th at a special called board meeting. Log into your dashboard or email outreach@valleymls.com to register for this event. Seats are limited.
The HAAR Board of Directors is made up of 19 local RealtorĀ® leaders who were elected by membership to their respective terms. Each association that operates with ValleyMLS.com receives a number of seats on the board proportional to its size.

Special Called Meeting August 10th

All ValleyMLS.com subscribers and HAAR members are invited to the August 10th special called meeting at the Huntsville Botanical Garden at 11:30am. Register through your dashboard to reserve your seat. This event is free and includes lunch. Also at the event, we will name several annual HAAR award winners and hear from special guest speaker Lauren Sisler.

Important To Know

If ratified at the August 10th meeting, please keep in mind the following bullet points and email MLSsupport@valleymls.com with questions.
  • You will receive a one-to-one exchange for your supra lockbox.
  • Exchange will occur in early 2024 (TBD)
  • The monthly fee for key will not increase.