Scam Alert: “Pre-Inspection” Text to Home Inspectors

BE AWARE! We’ve received reports of several home inspectors receiving texts from a scammer purporting to be a homebuyer, wanting to conduct a “pre-inspection”. They claim they have already been in contact with the seller and have permission to access the property. The text reads:
“Hello, my name is [REDACTED]. I will like to know if you are available to pre-inspect a new house I am interested in purchasing which I am already in contact with the seller.
The house is located at [REDACTED]
And this are the details;
And it is currently vacant…
Let me know if you can get it done…”
When receiving texts like these, it’s always best to take the time to do the research behind the message. Always check with those you’ve been working with before meeting or providing access to any unknown contacts.