SCAM ALERT: Out of state sellers posing as property owners to sell land


Beware of out-of-state sellers attempting to list/sell vacant land. Scammers often impersonate property owners by providing fake IDs and documents. They push for quick sales below market value and prefer impersonal communication like emails or texts over phone calls. You will never meet these scammers in person.

šŸšØRed flags includešŸšØ
1. Sellers who seem eager to close quickly won’t talk on the phone, refuse to meet, and lack detailed knowledge about the property.
2. Ask questions and consult your broker if you suspect a scam. Alert law enforcement and the MLS Department if you discover a fraudulent listing.
3. Stay vigilant, as this type of fraud has become very common.

The only way to avoid being entangled is through caution, due diligence, and trusting your instincts if something seems too good to be true. We want everyone to know these predatory scams targeting agents and home buyers