Safety Alert: Suspicious behavior at open houses

Please take note of the following report from a local broker and take this opportunity to evaluate your office's safety practices.

During a recent busy open house, a male individual entered the property and abruptly left. Shortly after, he contacted our agent requesting a private viewing of the property. He then returned to the house unaccompanied by the agent without any notification, and the homeowner found him in their private fenced backyard attempting to enter the crawlspace.
What makes this situation even more concerning is that the individual drives a black Mercedes with a tan plastic cover over the license plate to obscure the numbers. He frequently parks the car in the driveway, pointing the car toward the road, leaves the door open, and keeps the engine running.
Upon discovering the individual’s unauthorized presence in the crawlspace, the seller contacted our agent, who in turn reached out to the visitor and explicitly stated that he must not return to the property unaccompanied. Furthermore, she emphasized that any future showings should be scheduled either with her or another agent of his choosing.
The agent completed a search with Forewarn, an app frequently used by agents to maintain their safety. The results came back with this particular gentleman having been convicted of rape.
Despite these warnings, the individual has persisted in his attempts to gain access to the property. He has been spotted in the backyard on multiple occasions, prompting the seller to contact the police for additional assistance.
The visitor’s messages to our agent have become increasingly nonsensical, with claims that he owns the house, has purchased the house, and is regarded highly by members of the community. He also mentions being photographed and requested for performances, which raise further concerns about his mental state.
Given the escalating nature of this situation, we strongly recommend taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved.