HAAR Endorses REALTOR Champions in Sep 20 Huntsville Elections

If you live in Huntsville City Districts 2 or 3, you have another opportunity to make your voice heard and support REALTOR champions at the polls September 20th! HAAR has endorsed David Little in the runoff race for Huntsville City Council D2 and Andrea Alvarez for Huntsville City Schools D3. Click below for more information on each candidate and a map of Huntsville municipal districts. 
Andrea Alvarez has a pragmatic, realistic approach to how the school board can be effective in improving student achievement. Often, it is that kind of approach that yields positive results for students.


Her focus on teacher retention isn’t aimed only at ensuring educators receive fair compensation, which is sorely needed on its own. Alvarez knows that satisfaction among teachers contributes to an environment where all students can become future leaders.
David Little has an extensive resume of advocacy and community involvement for not only his immediate neighborhood or District 2, but Huntsville as a whole.
His natural leadership skills will ensure continued responsible governance on the City Council. Little’s deep roots in Huntsville should make voters confident they’re supporting who truly cares about the community and has the ability to help it excel