Realtors in Action Service Day

REALTORS® in Action Service Day is a day where REALTORS® and HAAR members come together to serve their community by participating in numerous charitable events around town. This gives us the opportunity to give back and show the impact REALTORS® make in our area.

The 2019 Realtors in Action Service Day is Thursday, November 5th. There is an array of diverse volunteer offerings throughout the day, and we’re asking members to get involved and add to the rich tradition of Realtor giving in our community.

CLICK HERE to see all volunteer opportunities and sign up for the Realtors in Action Service Day.

Let’s all sign up to serve the community that has given so much to us!

Christmas Charities Year-Round

3054 Leeman Ferry Rd
Work Needed: Painting the reception and office space, stenciling quotes and logos on the walls.
Volunteers Needed: 10
To Bring: All painting supplies except for paint: rollers, blue tape, small detail brushes for stencils, sponge tools, painting pans, plastic drop cloth

Downtown Rescue Mission

1400 Evangel Dr
Work: Serving Lunch
Volunteers Needed: 10-16
To Bring: N/A

New Futures

3419 Venona Ave NW
Work: Social and childrens work with 8-10 preschool children, 2-3 of which are babies. Realtors are asked to spend time with children or hold babies to relieve them for a short while. 12-13 families live in this facility. Realtors are asked to bring a Pre-K craft project with all supplies needed. If some children do not wish to participate, volunteers can play or read with them.
To Bring: Craft supplies for any projects, donations of basic house supplies: paper towels, soap, detergents, baby items, etc.

National Children’s Advocacy Center

210 Pratt Avenue
Work: All outdoor: Pressure washing, trim flower beds, weeding, remove trash, potentially building of a 3-foot deck at the children’s playhouse.
Volunteers Needed: 15-20
To Bring: Gardening and trimming tools, work gloves, rakes, heavy-duty trash bags.

Lincoln Village Ministries

1110 Meridian St
Work: Painting, cleaning, removing yard refuse like dead leaves, etc.
Volunteers Needed: 10-15
To Bring: Cleaning supplies to both use and leave with the ministry. Please consider bringing a face mask if working with any construction sites.

Manna House Garden

747 NE Fields Rd, Lacey Springs
Work: Helping in their garden and greenhouse: watering plants, adding plant food, helping with weekly harvest.
Volunteers Needed: Up to 30 healthy volunteers. Volunteers cannot have any potentially contagious illnesses out of concern for food contamination.
To Bring: Nothing. Volunteers will wear head-to-toe scrubs similar to surgery clothes (provided by Manna House).

305 8th Street Adult Living

305 8th St NW
Work: 6-8 Realtors to cook: Bring potluck or crockpot meals to serve 25 adults, then play games and socialize. 5-7 Realtors to perform outdoor and indoor cleaning: trimming, weeding, painting roof eaves. Painting work is TBD based on number of volunteers who show up.
Volunteers Needed: Up to 15
To Bring: Work gloves, trimmers, heavy duty trash bags, garden tools, food, paperware for eating and drinking.