REALTORS® in Action Policy

Purpose of the REALTORS in Action Fund: 

The purpose of the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS, REALTORS in Action Fund is to assist REALTORS in need whether it is from a personal tragedy or illness or as a result of a natural disaster. The Fund seeks to provide short-term emergency financial assistance to members, whose basic necessities are not covered by other existing programs, or insurance coverage. 

Funding Priorities

The REALTORS in Action Committee reserves the right to review each case brought forth to the Committee members on a case by case basis. While funding is ultimately up to the Committee’s discretion, extraordinary need brought on by unforeseen circumstances, is the Committees main priority.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Assistance to applicants is limited to persons affiliated (and in good standing) with the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® and must be a REALTOR member or HAAR staff.

Fiduciary Policy: 

  • As a 501C3, the RIA account is subject to audit during the annual HAAR financial audit.
  • For internal audit purposes the RIA chair will review the bank account and the liability account with the HAAR finance department twice yearly.  The RIA chair can request additional reviews at any time.
  •  At all times, the RIA bank account and the RIA liability account should reconcile. If there is an outstanding liability, it should be noted by HAAR finance upon review with the RIA chair.
  • Authorized approvers for RIA expenses will be the RIA chair with the majority approval of RIA committee members.  
  • Account signers will be the HAAR CEO, HAAR Finance Director, and HAAR Assistant Finance Director.
  • The RIA checkbook will be kept at the HAAR office and locked in the safe when not in use. 
  • No form of assistance will be paid directly to the recipient. 

Policy Date: February 3, 2020