Introducing Paragon Connect

The Collaboration Center is an interactive system that allows Paragon users to share listings with their clients.
Your clients love the collaboration center because it allows them to get notifications the minute a home that matches their criteria hits the market!
As a buyer, your client can view the possible matches and quickly decide if it’s a “Possible” a “Favorite” or they can “reject” it. This tool allows you (the agent) to concentrate only on the listings the buyer is interested in.
As a seller, your client can see when a prospective buyer marks their listing as a favorite, possible or rejected.  The seller side of the collab center gives your seller instant access to competing listings.
Black Knight is excited to announce the next generation of Paragon Applications. Paragon Connect is the newly developed mobile technology designed for Real Estate agents on-the-go and represents the Black Knight vision of a modern, mobile, and responsive interface that reimagines the commonly used Paragon functionality and workflows. This application leverages responsive design technology and principles to help make it faster, more intuitive, and so easy to use.
All the data /activity from the Collab center is integrated with Paragon Connect. And you, the agent will have the ability to make the best business decisions based on the information provided from these tools.  Other features of Paragon Connect include:
  • An agent tool only
  • 100% responsive. Which ensures it displays perfectly based on your choice of device.
  • Device optimized
  • Uses the same Paragon database (contacts, saved searches, etc.)
  • Client Centric: provides the agent with details about how often their client visits their seller sites, which listings buyers like, and gives you greater insight into buyer and seller activity.