Paragon v5.68 Enhancement: Contact Activity

With the recent Paragon 5.68 release, several enhancements to the Contact Activity widget. These enhancements provide increased information and functionality for Agents using the Paragon Contact Manager and Collaboration Center.

The Paragon Collaboration Center is the hub for Agent and Consumer/Customer relationships. This release offers the agent extensive insight into the activity and interaction of both their Buyer and Seller Clients in the Collaboration Center, as detailed in the release communication.

Some early feedback was regarding the change to the New Activity # link. Previously, this feature allowed the user to view the number of Clients with new activity since the Agent last accessed that Contact in Paragon. Upon clicking the link, they would be presented with a list of Contacts that had new activity and could perform a number of functions with those Contacts.

Paragon is pleased to announce that they were able to re-implement the New Activity function within the new Widget Design. As of Thursday, December 13, 2018 the New Activity function was added to the Header of the Contact Activity widget.