HAAR's 5 Principles

We inform, influence and empower a thriving real estate market by focusing on: EDUCATION | ADVOCACY | CONNECTIONS

Some of the most rewarding moments in the realtor-homebuyer relationship is literally unlocking the door to a client’s new home and figuratively to a new life.

As we continue to experience unprecedented growth in North Alabama and within our own organization, we believe that we can work together to serve as the key to unlocking a future of continued prosperity for HAAR membership and our clients.

In June 2019, HAAR unveiled our Five Principles. As our new mission statement explains, HAAR informs, influences, and empowers a thriving real estate market by focusing on education, advocacy and connections

To reach that goal every day, we’re zeroing in on five foundational qualities of what it takes to succeed in the industry: knowledge, professionalism, housing, community and efficiency.







We have always succeeded because of our nature as a member-driven organization. Providing the highest level of decision-making ability to our members has always been the key to our success, no matter how large we grow. With the transition into our new strategic plan and leadership structure, we’re prioritizing the empowerment of individual members to unlock not only their own future potential, but the success of HAAR and ValleyMLS.com.