Announces New Security Initiative has recently taken important steps to face a challenge that is prevalent in our entire industry – that of data security and account high risk behavior. We want to share information about this initiative with you, our member. made it possible for you to access the MLS system from any computer with Internet connectivity.  As a result, your ability to communicate with clients increased ten-fold.  However, with this convenient method of access comes a big challenge – specifically protecting our valuable MLS data from misuse and theft.


On January 15, 2019, the will be implementing a proven security technology. This solution is offered by Clareity Security, a well-respected real estate technology company specializing in improved security posture, revenue assurance, and expense management through maximization of available resources.  Clareity is the leading provider of identity and access management solutions to the real estate industry and is integrated with the majority of MLS application providers.


You will be hearing more about this initiative in the coming weeks, but you can expect to see a slightly different log in screen.  You will no longer be able to save your user ID or password, as this technology involves keystroke recognition, risk behavior, and will require you to type your user ID and password with each log in.


As this security initiative moves forward, we will provide you with more detailed information about how it will work, and how we as MLS members can appropriately protect access to the sensitive information entrusted to us.