Nominations for AREC Commissioner Seat, District 5

A seat on the Alabama Real Estate Commission will be up for appointment in 2022 serving the Fifth Congressional District of Alabama. The term is a five-year term beginning on October 1, 2022 and expiring on September 30, 2027.
Therefore, AAR is requesting qualified candidates interested in serving as a Commissioner to submit their name for consideration or encourage someone you know to do so. AAR is searching for applicants who reside in the Fifth Congressional District of Alabama:
🏠 Fifth Congressional District (Covering Limestone, Madison, Morgan, and Jackson Counties and a portion of Lauderdale County.)
🏠 If you are unsure about whether you live in the Fifth Congressional District of Alabama as noted above, you can check your residence information here at the U.S. House of Representatives’ website.
🏠 Please note that Congressional District lines were recently redrawn as part of the reapportionment process following the completion of the U.S. Census which occurs once every 10 years.


Interested applicants should have strong credentials that exhibit the highest degree of real estate experience and professionalism in their personal and professional endeavors.

At a minimum, applicants should meet all the qualifications set forward by Alabama law such as the following:

🏠 A resident and citizen of Alabama for at least 10 years.
🏠 Held an active real estate broker or salesperson license for at least 10 years.
🏠 Not have been convicted of a violation of any federal or state real estate license law.
🏠 Nominees should be a resident of the Congressional District they wish to serve.
🏠 Nominees must be able to serve a five-year term beginning on October 1, 2022 and expiring on September 30, 2027.

Duties & Responsibilities

Serving as a Commissioner is an extreme honor that comes with a high degree of responsibility to carry out his/her duties. Commissioners should avoid even the appearance of impropriety in all of their activities personally, professionally, and in their duties as Commissioners. If selected, a Commissioner will become a public official and be bound by the Alabama Ethics Act and other state and federal laws that govern the activities and behavior of public officials and regulators. Commissioners may be required to attend annual ethics training, file quarterly statements of economic activity with the State Ethics Commission, as well as attend other required and/or recommended training to ensure they not only meet but exceed the minimum standard in their knowledge and understanding of the laws that govern their activities and behavior as a Commissioner.

Application Process & Deadline

Qualified applicants should submit a letter of interest and detailed resume to AAR by Friday, January 21, 2022 by emailing Sharon Callahan at

🏠 The cover letter should provide the applicant’s home address, detail the applicant’s interest in serving as a Commissioner, and elaborate on the applicant’s real estate background, experience, and notable professional achievements.

🏠 Please do not include letters of reference and/or recommendations; or attempt to enlist elected or appointed public officials to lobby on your behalf; or attempt to unduly influence or lobby (directly or indirectly) the Association leadership or staff on your behalf.

🏠 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call for further guidance and instruction.