LIVE December 20: New School Search Field

Check out the latest feature implemented in your MLS account access from Paragon and ValleyMLS, aimed at making it easier for you to serve your clients.


NEW: Searching by schools in Paragon change: is being made primarily to make searching for schools easier in the datashare environment. Because we don’t have the Greater Alabama School Table in ValleyMLS, (and vice-versa) members who use this type of search, for a Greater Alabama school (and don’t know/have the correct spelling) may not get the expected results. The current “Equal” field search only returns the results that equal to the entry in that field. The new “contains” search functionality will return all results that contain what is entered in the school field. This change will also make it more seamless to users as new data is entered in the school tables for both MLSs native systems, or as new MLSs join the ALEX datashare. As you recall, we made this same type of change to our Subdivision field a few months ago. (To be released on December 20, 2021)