Must-Do May Checklist for Homeowners

May marks a golden opportunity for homeowners to assess their home and ensure everything is in tip-top shape before the summer months begin. HouseLogic recently provided a checklist that your clients can use to save both time and money.

For smart homeowners, these four tasks are essential for the month of May:

  1. A new refrigerator. If your current fridge is leaky, not cooling enough, or tight on storage space, consider buying a new model this month. May is pre-summertime—which is when new fridges will hit the sales floor—and stores will need to clear out old models to make room. If your home needs a stove or other kitchen appliances, HouseLogic advises to wait until fall when they’ll be going on sale.
  2. Exterior painting. Buff up your home’s outer coat of paint to revive its color after winter’s drab weather. In most areas, May temperatures range from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is prime weather for painting your home’s exterior. HouseLogic also suggests making touch-ups to your home’s trim and siding while you’re repainting.
  3. A new mattress. How old is your current mattress? Over time, mattresses collect more dust and mites so be sure to upgrade yours if it’s needed. Stores will offer a good mattress deal in May before new stock comes in, helping you save hundreds of dollars.
  4. Overflowing closets. Be on the lookout for deals on storage materials at Memorial Day sales, and start tidying up those closets! According to HouseLogic, experts estimate that only 20 percent of what’s in peoples’ closets are actually worn. This month, trim down and store the 80 percent of your wardrobe that’s left: put sentimental clothes (college sweatshirts, t-shirt memorabilia) and those pieces you need but rarely use (formalwear) in storage containers and under-the-bed bins.

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