MLS Tip: Listing Properties That Have No Address

Listing Properties That Have No Address

The address of the property is a required piece of listing information, but not all properties have a legal address. It has been a common practice to list such properties as “0” or “00” or in some cases, just a blank in the street number field. While Paragon is able to display these as unique listings, it does cause issues with property histories, and perhaps more importantly, when the listings travel to syndicated and IDX-driven websites, the “0” or blank addresses can cause display issues. ValleyMLS would like to offer you some guidance on a better way to identify properties with no legal address.

I’m listing a property without a legal address. What now?

Should I just make up an address or use a neighboring address?
No. Using an incorrect or made-up address will interfere with the property history and could cause confusion with the offer/contract.


Should I use a 0 as the street number or leave the field blank?
ValleyMLS will soon no longer allow listings to be saved with a blank or only zeros in the street number field.

So, how do I get around this?
As an example, if you were listing property on Chapel Road, instead of “0 Chapel Road,” we recommend using one of the following in the street number field:
Lot #, if you have one (Ex. “Lot 1 Chapel Road”) or
Number of Acres (Ex. “1.5 acres Chapel Road”)


What if it’s a Proposed Construction listing (which means there isn’t yet a lot assigned to it)?
In this case, we recommend using the floorplan name. (Ex. “The Delano Chapel Road) This way, you are clearly advertising the floorplan without a specific lot.


This virtual listing can remain active for as long as this floorplan is available. When a lot is put under contract, the selected floorplan (Proposed Construction) listing can be cloned into an Under Construction listing with an address and Lot #.

In each case, you are actually offering more information about the listing while allowing for a unique identifier that will promote listing visibility.
If you have any questions about listing properties without addresses, please contact the MLS dept. at 256-489-0553 or