MLS Reminder: Provide Detailed Showing Instructions

REALTORS® have a lot of details to juggle in their daily lives, and in a hot real estate market, showing instructions probably aren’t on the top of your priority list. Even so, a hot market means it’s of utmost importance to provide detailed showing instructions if you’re listing a property or abide by the instructions when showing a property to prospective clients.
  • Provide thorough showing information in the listing so other subscribers may easily conduct a showing. We understand it’s tempting to get a listing up quickly, thinking you’ll fix it later, but this may set your colleagues and clients up for some unpleasant interactions.
  • Put yourself in the showing agent’s shoes.Double-check the showing instructions are accurate and that an agent showing the property has what they need to follow the instructions. If a listing instructs agents to call the owner first, the homeowner’s phone number should be included on the listing..
  • Do you need to restrict access to a listing?If so, please add those details in the Access Details in ShowingTime
  • Read—and follow—showing instructions. While you’re in Paragon checking the listing’s current status, thoroughly review the showing instructions detailed on the listing to avoid any mishaps or potential rules violation.
  • Trust your gut.If you arrive at a scheduled showing and something is off—an aggressive pet is loose in the house, minors are home alone, or a band of squatters is camped on the front lawn—consider rescheduling the showing.


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