MLS Changes Coming Tuesday, July 5th

The ValleyMLS Board of Directors recently approved the below enhancements to our local Paragon site. These changes will be implemented on July 5th, 2022.
Please contact the MLS Department ( if you have any questions!
  1. The “Advertising remarks” field is being removed from the listing input screen.
  2. The “Jr High” field is being removed from the listing input form (Use Middle School or Other School) instead.
  3. The box (under SYSTEM PREFERENCES) which allows the “Agents Phone Number” to be displayed, will automatically be checked by default.
  4. Trade Only will no longer be offered as an option, under the field name CODE
    1. Entries in the field will remain searchable historical entries, but will no longer be available to select for new listings.
  5. The List/Market Date will be renamed to “Entry Date on the input form.
  6. The “Expected On Market Date” field will be renamed to “Convert to Active” (This is the field used for Coming Soon and Temp Off Market listings)
  • Proposed Construction listings will no longer be required to have a lot and/or block #.
  • Listings can remain as proposed construction for up to 24 months. (Was 12 months)
  • Once the Apx age is maintained to “Under Construction” the lot/block # is required.
  • Once the Apx age is maintained to Under construction the Parcel ID will be required.
  • Price Changes will now be available for both, Proposed and Under Construction properties, once the property is changed to contingent or pending.
  • When maintaining an Under Construction listing from Active to Sold, Contingent to Sold or Pending to Sold, the listings age MUST be changed to New/Never Occupied.