Meet Christina Hearne, Professional Standards and Education Manager

A Spotlight on Christina Hearne, Professional Standards and Education Manager
At the heart of the Huntsville Area Association of Realtors (HAAR) lies a dedicated team working tirelessly to uphold the standards and education that define the real estate industry. In this staff questionnaire spotlight, we dive into the world of Christina Hearne, the Professional Standards and Education Manager, who brings her expertise and passion to HAAR for a second stint, spanning a total of 9.5 years.
A Day in the Life:
Christina’s role is dynamic, presenting new challenges and opportunities each day. Much of her time is spent fielding phone calls and addressing inquiries from members and the public. Her ability to assist with upcoming classes and resolve issues involving Realtors showcases her commitment to fostering a positive and professional real estate environment.
As the go-to person for all things education, Christina oversees the coordination of New Member Orientation, schedules and manages details for continuing education classes, and facilitates designation and certification classes.
Recent Proud Moments:
Christina reflects proudly on her involvement in organizing the first-ever 2-day elev8 Realtor Tech Conference last Fall. The success of this event highlights her dedication to keeping HAAR members at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements.
For Christina, the most enjoyable aspect of her role is the people. Whether it’s her colleagues or the Realtors she serves, she emphasizes the privilege of working alongside remarkable individuals. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with many outstanding people.
Having spent a significant part of her career at HAAR, Christina acknowledges the evolution of her role. The dynamic nature of the real estate industry necessitates adaptability, and Christina has embraced the changes, contributing to the growth and success of HAAR.
Advice for Aspiring Professionals:
To those interested in a similar role, Christina suggests cultivating a passion for education and maintaining a genuine desire to help others. A strong commitment to upholding professional standards and a willingness to adapt to industry changes are also crucial.
What inspires Christina most is the opportunity to positively impact the real estate community. Looking forward, she aims to continue contributing to the growth and success of HAAR, ensuring that education and professional standards remain at the forefront of the organization’s mission.
About Christina:
Christina shares a bit about herself, proudly declaring Huntsville her hometown and the University of Alabama her alma mater. Regarding caffeine, she opts for “ALL THE CAFFEINE,” with a preference for coffee and Diet Coke. Her ideal weekend in North Alabama involves enjoying the local culinary scene, with Domaine South topping the list of favorite places to eat.
As we conclude this spotlight on Christina Hearne, it’s evident that her dedication, passion, and commitment are invaluable assets to HAAR. Her journey reflects the association’s ongoing efforts to elevate the real estate experience for members and the community. Here’s to Christina and the entire team at HAAR, shaping the future of real estate in Huntsville!