Local Political Coordinator Program

What is the HAAR Local Political Coordinator Program?

The Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® (HAAR) Local Political Coordinator (LPC) Program is an extension of HAAR’s Government Affairs efforts, aimed at putting Homeownership, Private Property Rights, and other REALTOR® issues at the forefront of the agendas of local leaders in Madison County, Alabama.

On this page, you will find:

  • Current LPC Roster
  • Program Objectives
  • FAQs for Interested Members
  • Available Positions & Application Form

Current LPC Roster

The HAAR LPC Program’s first class is subject to approval by the HAAR Board of Directors the summer of 2020. Check back for updates.

HAAR LPCs will be assigned to 27 Madison County Elected Offices: Madison County Commission Chairman, Huntsville Mayor, Madison Mayor, Madison County Commissioners (6), Huntsville City Councilmembers (5), Madison City Councilmembers (7), School Board Superintendents (3), Probate Judge, Tax Collector, and Tax Assessor. LPCs can be assigned to more than one office and serve one-year terms for a maximum of four years.


Huntsville Mayor – Sha Jarboe
Madison Mayor – Heather Batchelor
Madison County Commission Chair – Kathy Mann
Huntsville City Council, District 1 – Lore Hislop
Huntsville City Council, District 2 – Ginny Brandau
Huntsville City Council, District 3 – Amanda Howard 
Huntsville City Council, District 4 – Ginny Brandau
Huntsville City Council, District 5 – Loraine Cordule
Madison City Council, District 1 – Opie Balch
Madison City Council, District 2 – Opie Balch
Madison City Council, District 3 – Regina Mitchell
Madison City Council, District 4 – Regina Mitchell
Madison City Council, District 5 – Opie Balch
Madison City Council, District 6 – Amy Vaughan
Madison City Council, District 7 – Amy Vaughan
Madison County Commission, District 1 – Tammy Owen
Madison County Commission, District 2 – Angie Kloote
Madison County Commission, District 3 – Katie Crawford
Madison County Commission, District 4 – Tammy Owen
Madison County Commission, District 5 – Katie Crawford
Madison County Commission, District 6 – Kathy Mann
Huntsville City Schools Superintendent – Roy Lane
Madison City Schools Superintendent – Pam Bass
Madison County Schools Superintendent – Pam Bass
Madison County Probate Judge – Tracy DeGraaff
Madison County Tax Collector – Tracy DeGraaff
Madison County Tax Assessor – Tracy DeGraaff

Program Objectives

The first of its kind in Alabama and among the nation’s initial crop of LPC programs organized by local REALTOR® Associations, our LPC program is made up of individual HAAR members to assist association leadership in staying ahead of issues before they are enacted.


  • To meet strategic plan priorities of Community building and Housing Attainability and Availability Strategies.
  • To increase member involvement in association government affairs programs
  • To capitalize on relationships between politically engaged members and local municipal leaders
  • To build relationships between local municipal leaders and less experienced or engaged members who have an interest in their community
  • To develop an early tracking system to identify and address issues of concern
  • To consider a course of action in response to an issue
  • To build a sense of confidence and ease among REALTORS® to engage in the decision-making process in their community and be advocates for/against issues affecting real estate and private property rights
  • To position REALTORS® as having an impact on local decisions affecting real estate and private property rights, and be seen as such by the community
  • To place the REALTOR® in the forefront as a defender of private property rights, and the point person when issues arise
  • To develop Association leadership

FAQs for Interested Potential LPCs

Why me?

Civic engagement helps you to build relationships and arm yourself with valuable knowledge that you can share with your colleagues and clients. Serving as an LPC is an enjoyable and exciting experience that connects you with your community and bolsters your credibility as a REALTOR®. The more we know about our community and its diverse segments, the stronger our community becomes.

Will this be a large time commitment?

Not at all! Providing content, training, talking points and additional support material will remain responsibilities of HAAR staff. Aside from 1-2 meetings per year and regular monthly check-ins with staff via email or phone, the amount of time you commit to being an LPC will depend on your own judgement as to what makes you effective in this position.

How do I get started and what are potential duties?

  • Become familiar with your community and stay informed of municipal news. Connect with social media and in-person groups relevant to your community. Ex: community group meetings, Facebook pages, email newsletters, google alerts, etc.
  • Build relationships within municipal government and network at community events.
  • When an issue arises, alert the staff liaison using our Issue Assessment Worksheet to get issues specifics, assess the impact, and determine its viability.
  • When asked by association leadership or staff liaison, take action, such as speaking to elected officials or providing public comment. (Your liaison will provide you with talking points and training.)

How does it work?

  • Once you become an LPC, you’ll receive training and helpful worksheets to make integrating the program into your busy schedule as easy as possible.
  • You’ll be asked to take certain information-gathering steps, as outlined above.
  • HAAR will provide you with everything you need to be successful.

Still have questions? Email Sean Magers, Director of Association outreach at sean@valleymls.com.

Available Positions & Application Form

All available LPC positions have been filled. To be considered for the next vacancy, please complete the application form linked below.

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered as a Local Political Coordinator, you must first fill out the HAAR Engagement Profile.