Landmark REALTOR®-Sponsored Remote Ink Notary Bill Passes Legislature

In the height of the pandemic, due to the state of emergency, public health orders, and social distancing guidelines, many REALTORS® and other professionals were unable to safely meet in person to close transactions and conduct other essential business. Governor Kay Ivey took leadership on a multitude of issues during the pandemic, including issuing an executive order to allow for remote ink notarization. The executive orders are only valid during the state of emergency.

To help members have the permanent ability to utilize remote ink notarization to safely conduct essential business remotely when necessary, Alabama REALTORS® and a coalition of industry groups, including the Alabama Banker’s Association and Southeast Land Title Association, led the effort to codify the language from Governor Ivey’s executive orders during the pandemic and provide security to safely notarize documents remotely using identity proofing measures to help remote closings and other transactions.

“This bill allows REALTORS® to continue working in a safe environment when external factors, such as a pandemic, have previously prevented us from doing so,” said Slade McElroy, the 2021 Alabama REALTORS® President. “I am grateful for Governor Ivey’s leadership on this important issue and for our Legislature for recognizing the value of remote ink notarization, not just for the real estate industry, but for all of Alabama’s businesses.”