Kathy Mann Wins Broker Excellence Award

At the 2022 HAAR Gala and Installation Banquet, Kathy Mann was named the winner of the 2021 Broker Excellence Award. The award, presented by last year's winner Carey Rosenblum, is provided to a HAAR Broker each year who has exemplified not only what it takes to succeed in the North Alabama real estate market, but who has shared their experience and knowledge to lift up the entire industry.
Professionalism, Ethics and Education are cornerstones at the foundation of our industry and the Broker Excellence Award recognizes a HAAR Broker who not only defends these principles, but moves to strengthen them while leveraging their experience to ensure they remain strong for years to come.
Kathy is known for valuing ethics and accountability while delivering tools to her agents, lifting up their careers, our market and community as a whole. When things go wrong, she sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate accountability.
Kathy is self-less with her experience and knowledge, teaching everything from ‘Rules & Regs’ to ‘How to Measure a Home’, and everything in between. She makes time for others, holding office hours for one-on-one assistance. Her dedication doesn’t stop at education.
Always among the first to volunteer, Kathy has served at HAAR to level-up all our efforts at Fair Housing, giving back through Realtors in Action, on countless committees, in Government Affairs, and so much more – many times creating and implementing major programs that continue to serve members to this day.
Even when she hasn't already volunteered her time and talents, Kathy always finds the time to step up when asked --most recently serving in multiple roles in our Local Political Coordinator program. Kathy's involvement at the state and national level is too extensive to list tonight and comes just as naturally as being one of the best Brokers in the country.
Please join us in congratulating our Broker Excellence Award winner, Kathy Mann!