June 2021 Valley Bylaw Changes

The ValleyMLS.com Bylaws were amended in June 2021 by the Board of Directors to align with its strategic business plan. Please see below for each change.

Article 6.1 – adds the CEO of HAAR as the CEO of ValleyMLS.com to the bylaws.
Article 6.2 – aligns the 12 directors from HAAR as at-large directors.
Article 6.3 – A – eliminates language that the HAAR directors on the ValleyMLS board would be the same as the voting directors of HAAR.
Article 6.3 – B – adds a transition policy to show how the directors will be elected to the ValleyMLS.com board in order to separate service on the HAAR board and ValleyMLS board. Creating 2 completely separate boards of directors by 2023.
Article 6.4 – reinforces the duties of the CEO
Article 6.5 – 1 – removes the $10,000 limit cap and replaces with $25,000 cap for the board of directors before finance committee requires approval.
Article 6.5-2 – removes the non-budgeted expense required vote by membership & increases the multi-year contract approval to $75,000
Article 8.1 – adds that the MLS committees be chaired by a member of the ValleyMLS board of directors, further solidifying the fiduciary role of directors as part of the business operations.