Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, during the HAAR Membership Luncheon Mayor Paul Finley and Scott Irwin, Planner with the City of Huntsville Department of Community Development issued a Proclamation in honor of Fair Housing month in the cities of Huntsville and Madison Alabama. This Proclamation recognizes the importance of air housing and also encourages everyone to support the Fair Housing Law.

April 11, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. We recognize that any progress made stands on the shoulders of generations that preceded us. People that marched in unwelcome cities, protested in contentious environments, challenged discriminatory practices, and fought quietly in legislative sessions and community gatherings.

“REALTORS® continue to recognize the significance of this important act and reconfirm our commitment to upholding fair housing law, as well as our commitment to offering equal professional service to all in their search for a home or property. REALTORS® work hard to build strong communities and neighborhoods where all people can live and prosper. We are thankful that the cities of Huntsville and Madison are joining with us in the effort to promote fair housing” said Josh McFall, CEO of the Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS®.

The sale and purchase of a home is one of the most significant events that any person will experience in his or her lifetime. It is more that the simple purchase of housing, for it includes the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and economic destiny of those involved. And we understand that there’s still work to do. Today we work to address continuing discrimination and to protect our community in the Fair Housing Act. We work for the day when everyone will have the opportunity to experience the American dream.

Fair housing protects the American Dream of homeownership for all citizens, and we look forward to commemorating the anniversary and supporting the development of healthy and diverse communities.

Click HERE to view the Fair Housing Proclamation from the City of Huntsville.

Click HERE to view the Fair Housing Proclamation from the City of Madison.

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