Homebot Launches New Seller Lead Capture Widget

Homebot is excited to announce a new seller lead capture widget that will allows homeowners to get the value of a home from your website. A find a home value feature is increasingly a staple tool on large websites, but most agent website have a hard time providing this feature. Homebot now provides a widget that agents can easily insert in their website editor to offer this functionality to their clients.

The address search has autofill so the homeowner can pick their address from the list provided. After the property is selected, a pop-up appears showing the Homebot report with only the value visible. The rest of the report has the values locked until the homeowner puts in their email address and name. Once completed, you get a new lead and the prospect will start getting monthly reports.

As a Paragon user, you get 7 days free to try Homebot and see how it will help you engage with more sellers. To get your trial, log into Paragon and select the Homebot link under Contacts. To see how Homebot gets 68% of your sellers to open their email, sign up for one of our 30 minute webinars.

Click HERE to learn more.