Homebot is Coming to Paragon

Homebot is a new AGENT feature coming to Paragon! Homebot is a cutting edge marketing and lead generation tool that enables you to send monthly, interactive emails to your clients with extremely valuable information about their property:
• Home Value
• Existing loans on their home
• Home equity
• How to save on interest payments
• Down payment for an investment property or move-up home
• Area rents
• Refer a friend

Homebot expands Paragon’s Collaboration Center to focus on the needs of Prospective Sellers.  Homebot will add home wealth strategies to inform Buyers, Sellers, and Prospective Home Sellers in the Collaboration Center.  This is a big step forward to empower agents to better support Consumers that may be both buying and selling their existing home.


Click HERE to view the detailed release notes on the new Homebot feature.

Please note this is an opt in subscription based service. Please watch the video below for full details about homebot and contact the MLS department to answer any questions you may have.