Helpful Tip: New Neighborhood Option in NALMLS

A New Neighborhood Option will soon be released in NALMLS.

Expected Release Date is: October 23, 2018!

Please read the below details carefully so you will have a working knowledge of how to enter and search for Subdivisions and Neighborhoods.

In this example, we will use the community of Hampton Cove.

Hampton Cove is popularly known as a large community (aka Subdivision), with several small neighborhoods located within the Hampton Cove Community.

• Arbor Woods
• Cobblestone
• Cumberland Cove
• Deford Mill
• Deford Mill Estates
• Eastern Shore
• Flint Mill
• Glen Eagles
• Grande Highlands

In order to create a standardized search experience and return only the expected results for properties located within a large community, NALMLS has added a new NEIGHBORHOOD field when entering a listing and on the search screens.

This new field will only be applicable for Subdivisions (Master Communities) that have neighborhoods.

Below is the normal Locational Information section of the Listing Input Screen. Once the neighborhood field is added, this is where it will be located.

This is how you will enter the Subdivision Name and Neighborhood Name


You’ll find the NEIGHBORHOOD field located directly under the Subdivision Field on the SEARCH Screen.

When I did a broad search, within the whole community of Hampton Cove (using the Subdivision Field) my search returned over 3,000 matches. However, once I added Arbor Wood in the neighborhood field, my results then dropped to 339.

If you work with a builder that is working within a new Planned Community, please provide a full list of the SUBDIVISION and NEIGHBORHOODS so they can be added to the MLS Data Base.

Please contact MLSSUPPORT@HBRMLS.COM with any questions!