HAAR Officer & Director Elections September 30th

Don’t forget! Voting for HAAR Officers & Directors begins September 30th at 9am. Eligible voters (HAAR members in good standing) will receive voting instructions in their inbox at that time and will have until October 3rd at 5pm to vote.


Candidates for officers are below. Only the office of Vice President will be up for a vote. Candidates for President-elect and Treasurer are running unopposed and. The positions of President and MLS Chair are set through board policy.
President: Chris Hulser
President-elect: Lore Hislop
Vice President: Tamara Fox
Vice President: Regina Mitchell
Treasurer: Whitney Stringer
MLS Chair: Isaac Winkles


Board of Director candidates are running for either 3-year or 1-year terms, and are listed below.
3-year terms: Pam Bass, Tim brown, Khrista Dees, Tracy DeGraaff, Shannon Hoff, Rod Schuman
1-year terms: Jeanne Allen, Roy Lane Heather Vader