HAAR Announces New Member Benefit, CasePro

During the Membership Luncheon on Thursday, March 8, 2018, HAAR announced a new member benefit, CasePro. CasePro, is a professional standards case administration web application to help associations “self police” agents and brokers and uphold Code of Ethics, grievance filings and requests for arbitration – 100% digitally and online. The stand-alone website solution saves association staff and precious volunteer time and streamlines the administrative process.

The CasePro™ Professional Standards Application is a web-based solution that is hosted safely on the cloud that manages, tracks and documents the professional standards process from beginning to end – when an Ethics Complaint or Request for Arbitration is submitted through the Reporting process. There are 4 main modules of CasePro: Complaint Submission, Case Processing & Administration, Panel Management and Reporting. The system was developed as NAR compliant and follows the standards developed by National Association of Realtors® and provides a consistent user experience for consumers, members and professional standards staff members.

The above image shows a screen shot of our website HAAR.REALTOR. On our site is an entire section dedicated to the Code of Ethics and filing a complaint. This section provides a lot of information for members to get a good idea of the process. Once someone is ready to file they can click the link at the top and it will take them directly to the CasePro filing page. Here they will enter their info first and then they will identify a respondent. This system talks directly to our Association Management Software so it can pull data real time. You can upload supporting documents, fill out the required submission forms and sign it all within the software.

Also, for Arbitrations, which are typically commission disputes, these are filed Broker to Broker, so there is a button on the North Alabama MLS Dashboard that only Brokers can see that will take them to the Arbitration filing page.  Through the filing page it also allows you to upload supporting documents, provide transaction information, fill out the required submission forms, request mediation and sign it all within the software.

Case Pro will also help our Staff. This is a screen shot of the dashboard that they can log in and see the process of every case being worked. It allows them to keep up with deadlines, manage the work flow and send reminder etc much easier and faster than before. This will help cut down on the time required for all the tedious tasks of Professional Standards.

Another great feature is the easy reporting. With the click of a button HAAR will be able to pull reports to find trends so that we can make decisions based on that information.

As always, Staff will remain available to help to answer questions and help walk you through the process but this system is going to help streamline everything so that it is easier for everyone!

Click HERE to view the presentation from the luncheon.