Gmail Outage Affecting Users in Paragon

December 16, 2020

As many of you are aware, on Wednesday, December 15, a large percentage of Gmail users suffered an outage that caused incorrect “Bounce back” type emails to be sent to people trying to email addresses. These bounce back messages were erroneously informing the senders that the selected email address did not exist when in fact it did. 

Paragon, along with most other products that send a large number of emails a day, has various protections in place so when they receive an error message of this type, the address is opted out automatically from future emails. 

Due to this Gmail outage many recipients were automatically opted out of emails from Paragon. 

Our teams are researching ways to correct the affected accounts en mass however any user or contact that is opted out has the option to utilize the standard Opt-in procedure.

Again, this only affected users or contacts with a address that would have received an email from Paragon during the Gmail outage on December 15th 

Opt-in Procedure

Login to Paragon—–Click COMPOSE on the top of the screen—Enter the email address you want to opt back in and hit SEND. 

If the address is opted out you will receive the following screen which will provide instructions on how to start the opt in process but the process is initiated at the highlighted link below: (Note it is a 3 step process).