Get ready for the WCR Derby with these FAQs

We know you are champing at the bit to attend the WCR Derby, so here are some common FAQs you need to know:

What should I wear to the Derby?
Wear your Derby best! There will be an award for Best Hat, so be sure to make yours a show-stopper!
How do I vote for Best Hat?
Hat Numbers are assigned at entry. Write down the number for your favorite hat on the Ballot.
How do I vote for Best Horse Name?
Write the number of the Horse with the best name on the Ballot.
How do I vote for Best Decorated Horse?
Write the number of the Horse with the best decorations on the Ballot
How do I bet on a Horse?
Purchase Betting Tickets & place tickets in bucket in front of the horse of your choice.
How does a Horse Win the Race?
In each Heat, Horses will move forward by the luck of the dice. The run-off the the Heat winners determines the WCR Derby Champion!
What do I win?
Grand Prize to be announced
What’s for lunch?
LawLers Barbecue: pulled pork & chicken with potato salad, chips, green beans, Derby Bars for desert, & Mint Juleps to drink
What’s for lunch?
Jennifer S. Kelly, the author of “Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown”
When and where?
Wednesday, April 26th from 11:30am to 1pm at HAAR
Can non-members attend?
Yes, you can learn more about our non-profit group by attending and meeting with our Membership Director, Daniel Shaughnessy
How do I become a WCR member?

Go to the WCR Website to sign up today!