Broker’s Edge Report from Zelda Friedman

HAAR 2020 President-Elect Zelda Friedman attended September 30’s Broker’s Edge series focusing on Modern Leadership, which focused on the ideal that “in every crisis, there is opportunity.”

Speakers included Brian Copeland, Valerie Alexander, Brook Zeller, Marki Lemons-Ryhals (who will speak to attendees at HAAR’s November Member Meeting), Josh McGarth and Dave Jones. Below is a roundup of the day’s presentations from Zelda.

Valerie Alexander

Valerie spoke to the truth that we don’t always like to admit about Bias: we all have it. If you have a brain, then you have a bias, because we all default to our own norms. While we may never be able to completely rid ourselves of bias, we can work to diminish them by expanding our expectations and our tribe to include others.

While well-intentioned, we shouldn’t say things like “I don’t see color” because we have to see color (and other differences) to embrace diversity.

Valerie recommends that brokers:

  • Track behavior in our offices, and note REALTORS® who work with diverse consumers. It is a broker’s job to train REALTORS® in their office and teach the value of diversity.
  • Post and adhere to clear office policies on diversity.
  • Expand your network to include others.

Valerie also shared a video, “Happiness is a Second Language”, that you can view below.

Brook Zeller

Brook discussed the REALTOR® Benefits Program, which has been accessed by 800,000 members.

The NAR Cyber Policy was also stressed, which contains valuable information for Brokers on keeping your office safe from emerging tech threats.

Marki Lemons-Rhyal

Our November Member Meeting Special Guest Speaker, Marki Lemons-Rhyal said she remembered the exact day her business changed due to the pandemic: March 13. She had to pivot her business to adapt, leveraging video as the largest change. 

The killing of George Floyd also created a change in her Chicago-based business. Marki worked to start a scholarship fund to advance education in her community.

As she raised $5,000 for her scholarship by just sitting in her chair, she thought “What else can I do to help people, all while just sitting in my chair?”

To review her books in advance of our November member meeting, you can see her amazon site below.

Josh Mcgarth

Josh highlighted that agents look to brokers day-in and day-out. The pandemic created change and some shut-downs for offices that were not ready for the lockdown.

He posed that Modern Professionalism includes 3 things.

  • Strategy: How to be a Leader vs. just being a Boss
    • Leaders walk beside you and build people up to be better every day. Bosses tell you what to do.
    • What are the strategies in your company?
    • Brokers are the face or voice, so be both to your office.
    • How are you operating your brand?
    • What is your purpose or passion? Write it down regularly.
  • Day to Day Routine Execution
    • Start on time with meetings with clear expectations.
    • Train REALTORS® on thenew normal with listings and showings during COVID-19.
    • Appreciate your office with things like birthday cards, work anniversary dinners, share on social media the successes of your office.
  •  Just. Be. You.
    • Be available for your office, don’t tell them you are busy.
    • Be positive! Be a Tigger instead of an Eeyore.
    • COVID-19 showed us how to adapt to change.
    • Stay in touch with your REALTORS®. Email is tough to undersatnd the tone you are sending. Be personal and encouraging.
    • Define a Company Culture, execute it and repeat it!

Dave Jones

Realtors are an integral part of your community. He asked, would you be a Realtor if you were not getting paid? What is your why?

Be curious, your mental health depends on it, the community is our responsibility we are the vessel for welcoming people. Get involved in a cause, donate time.

His office has a company creed and he shared the link with us, he states consider having a company creed and have realtors to sign it.