BREAKING: ValleyMLS to Withdraw from ALEX Data Share

ValleyMLS is announcing today that it has given notice of its intent to terminate its partnership with Greater Alabama MLS in the Alabama Exchange (ALEX) data share, effective June 16th, 2024. After careful evaluation and gathering direct feedback from subscribers, the ValleyMLS Board of Directors determined that continuing to participate in ALEX was no longer in the best interest of REALTORS® and their clients.

After June 16th, listings from Greater Alabama MLS will no longer appear in ValleyMLS, and ValleyMLS listings will no longer be transmitted to Birmingham.

ValleyMLS will continue to institute bold and ambitious programs for its subscribers. A key component of managing any data share project we undertake is regular evaluation of its effectiveness for you and your clients.
We are grateful for the effort and energy of our volunteer leaders who worked tirelessly on ALEX. What we’ve learned from the ALEX initiative will help us tremendously in the successful implementation of future data share projects with new partners.
We look forward to future opportunities that will allow us to retain data integrity while providing greater access to information for our members, partners, and consumers.

Please feel free to reach out to the Leadership Team, the ValleyMLS Board of Directors, or the MLS staff with any questions.